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13 August 2022

Geschwader Bongart: addtions to the sections on orirgins; March 1944; 8, 9,10, 12 and 20 June; 8, 18 and 26 July; 12, 13, 17 and 18 August; translated excerpts from a Wehrmacht handbook on anti-partisan warfare, covering the role of the Luftwaffe (quotations from this also added as monthly chapter headings); changes to pagination and navigation.

LLG 1 and Kommando Schäfer: additions for July and September 1944.

Jagdgruppe 200 in Provence: more about the unit's origins.

Kommando Kunkel: additions to the sections on organisation, June and July 1944.

Einsatzommando KG 51 in France: more about February, 22 July and 9 August 1944.

SG 4 in Italy: addition to June 1944.

SG 4 in Normandy: addition to 12 June 1944.

Operation Dragoon: more about 2./SAGr. 128 on 20 August 1944; finally corrected the spelling of Biscarrosse, 27 years after starting on this project.

6 June 2022

Kommando. Koch: additions to Unternehmen »Cerberus«; 24 August 1942.

Listening and Jamming: additions to January 1944 and to 4/FAGr. 5's formation & disbandment.

Kommando. Kunkel: additions to May and June 1944 and sources.

Kommando Schenck: additions to June 1944.

KG 200 organisation: amended source note.

Kommando Götz: corrected date on page 14.

1.(F)/100: corrected date on page 4.

10./ZG 1: addition about the Staffel's disbandment.

Nachtjagstaffel Norwegen: dates of formal establishment and renaming.

1./NAG 1 and the Me 262: disbandment of 1./NAGr. 13 before completing its conversion..

NAG 6 and the Me 262: additions about Kommando Braunegg and the allocation of aircraft for conversion.

Heinz Hauck and 6.(F)/123: additions about 3./KG 66's origins and 6.(F)/123's formation. and disbandment.

Kampfflieger Vol. 4: Order of 22 January 1945 about LG 1 operations against supply traffic to Antwerp.

Jagdgruppe 200: additions to 6 and 23 July and to the After Provence section.

III./SG 4 in Normandy: additions to 12 June and 17 June 1944.

Geschwader Bongart: additions to Beginnings; 20, 22, 28, 29 and 30 June; 14–15 July; St. Pierre 17 July (thanks again to Philippe Cannone); Kommando Schäfer 11 July 1944 and a graphic for 22 July.

Invasion watch: more details of German reconnaissance flights on 6 June 1944.

Markings and camouflage: additions about 25 June 1941 Mediterranean theatre markings; proposed deceptive markings for the V1; the Me 262 ’S’ marking.

1940 losses: identification of a 25 April loss as a Ju 52.

Convoy UGS-40: identification of a missing shadowing aircraft.

The Bf 109 H and 5.(F)/123: cancellation of the programme.

Various minor corrections and changes to pagination.

2 March 2022

New article of 10,000 words-plus: Eagle Day to Battle of Britain Day.

Armistice to Eagle Day: addition to the introduction; new sections on victory claims and night fighters.

KGr. 100 and the Coventry Blitz: a brief postscript with a war correspondent's report from 1944.

Kommando Koch: reference to the cruiser Prinz Eugen moved to the section on Unternehmen »Cerberus«. expanded chapters for July and August 1942 (thanks to infromation provided by Peter Taghon) and a graphic showing the RAF systems affected by German jamming transmitters.

Heinz Hauck and 6.(F)/123: rewritten to incorporate new information, with thanks to Hans-Heinrich Weber and Marcel van Heijkop.

Kampfflieger Vol. 4: date for arrival of an advance party and several revisions to text of Einsatzkommando KG 51 in France; minor corrections to Operation Spielzeug.

Geschwader Bongart: more KG 100 operations against the Maquis including some with guided weapons; additional detail of Bongart's activities in July additions 1944; more about I./ZG 1's missions against the Resistance from 12 June 1944; damage at Valence on 26 July; a warning on 7 August about renewed guerrilla activity; additions to the pages on Kdo. Schäfer. (All the foregoing thanks to infromation from Peter Taghon and Chris Goss).

Operation Dragoon: date of order to convert II./KG 26 to conventional bombing; KG 26 activity on 19 ans 20 August 1944.

NSG 9: addition about the Nachtschwarm Obltn. Haimböck.

Invasion Watch: 18 April 1944 report from the Japanese Naval Attaché in Berlin.

JGr. 200: damage from bombing at Miramas on 12 July and Valence on 24 July 1944.

Kommando Olga (4./KG 200): additions about casualties in December 1944.

Nachtjagdstaffel Norwegen: added a loss on 19 June 1944.

1.(F)/100: addition for 17 April 1945.

Camouflage and Markings: naval signal of 8 February 1942.

Many minor corrections to typing and layouts.


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