2020's additions and corrections to the site are listed opposite, with the most recent at the top.


31 December 2020

Kittyhawk vs. Fw 190: added Staffel affiliation for Uffz. Kurt Fischer.

SG 4 in Italy: added extracts from Ob. Südwest situation reports for 13, 14 and 15 May 1944 plus a note about Uffz. Karl-Albrecht Roensche.

SG 4 in Normandy: more information about casualties on 6 and 8 June 1944, including photos of Fw. Willi George and Uffz. Franz Plewka.

Geschwader Bongart: additional detail on Re 2002 W.Nr. 1230 at Étampes-Mondesir; added paragraph about participation by 3. leichte Flakabt. 741 (mot.) in anti-partisan operations; acknowledgment of assistance from Steve Coates.

Bf 109 H: added forename for Uffz. Luginger of 4.(F)/123.

Convoy UGS-40: addition about the loss of Ju 88, 1H+KS.

Kommando Koch: additional note about Hohentwiel radar.

Kommando Rastedter: new page on the Metox radar warning receiver.

KGr. 100 and the Coventry Blitz: more about the effects of RAF raids on 14/15 November 1940 and attacks on beam station SPREE.

SG 10 in Yugoslavia: forenames of two casualties and a place of death for one of them.

16 December 2020

Adlertag: an addition about the deployment of air/sea rescue boats on 12 August 1940.

He 111 Torpedo Operations: additions about 15 and 18 August 1940.

KGr. 100: minor additions to 14, 15 and 16 August 1940.

1940 losses: addition for 27 May.

NSG 9: correction to Chapter 3, page 26.

SG 4 in Normandy: instructions for supply dropping on 9 June 1944.

JGr. 200: corrected forename for Ogefr. Klauka; added forename for Obltn. Krößmann; a note on the death of Ogefr. Kumpf; the sortie report of 232 Squadron's W/O McCann; and a note on lost film footage of the Vercors camp for German prisoners.

Geschwader Bongart: correction to events of 28 June: more about II./KG 26's operations on 13 and 14 July 1944.

Invasion Watch: forename added for Obltn. Grosser of 3./NAG 13.

JG 2 in Italy: corrections to map; locations for the losses of Uffz. Kilchling and Fw. Merkl and Uffz. Dollenmaier.

Kdo. Koch: information about the manufacturer of the Metox search receiver; added maps of Crete and Heraklion; more on the loss Ltn. Rische's crew; amended spelling for Ofw. Heinz Gleißberg.

Kdo. Rastedter: additions about the first trial deployment of Metox in the Bay of Biscay and damage to the U-boat attacked by Sgt. Chatten's Whitley.

21 September 2020

New article: 6,000 words about what ULTRA was telling the British in 1940 between the Franco-German Armistice and Eagle Day.

He 111 torpedo operations in 1940: various small corrections, additions about Hptm. Hechler and the sinking of the Remuera.

1940 losses: additions for the late June–early August period.

Markings and Camouflage: additions for 23 June, and 11 and 25 July 1940.

Unternehmen »Paula«: new ULTRA material about preparations for the attack.

Geschwader Bongart: background on Maj. Bongart's role in France in July 1940.

Kommando Koch: more about Ju 52 NQ+AN and a correction regarding the Sportivo convoy.

III./SG 4 in Normandy: information from the Allied side about the »Distelfink« radar station at Douvres-la-Délivrande.

NSG 9: information and images from Larry Haitz about his relative, 2nd Lt. Lael M. Cheely, pilot of the 414th NFS P-61 lost on the night of 11/12 April 1945.

9 August 2020

New page: some II./JG 53 loss reports from Autumn 1944.

ULTRA and »Adlertag«: addition about raids on Bomber Command airfields on 24/25 May 1940.

JGr. 200: addition of a Bf 109 loss in May 1944.

Geschwader Bongart: additions about 10./ZG 1 activity in March 1944; memorial card for Kurt Dommasch (courtesy of Christian Berring); addition about Kdo. Schäfer.

Bf 109 H: addition about Obltn. Kaiser’s promotion to Staffelkapitän.

Operation Dragoon: addition about the fate of Obltn. Kramprich of 6../KG 77.

Kampfflieger Vol. 4: a possible photo-reconnaissance of Paris on 27 August 1944.

Kdo. Koch: additions about the sinking of Unione; wavelengths covered by German jamming transmitters; aircraft at Frosinone, Italy in 1943.

Kdo. Rastedter: additions about Aphrodite decoys; the unit's Ju 188s and liaison with the Kriegsmarine; the establishment of Horch- .und Störstaffel 2 plus its activity in February 1944.

Kdo. Kunkel: the loss of an aircraft on 21 February 1944 (thanks to Chris Goss and Matti Salonen).

I./JG 4 heads home: additions about losses and newly allocated aircraft.

Markings and camouflage: instruction of September 1943 to discontinue the use of certain colours on Luftwaffe rescue boats.

Minor corrections etc.

1 June 2020

Kampfflieger Vol. 4: more information about LG 1's mining of the River Scheldt; more about a Wekusta 26 loss on reconnaissance over the Adriatic.

NSG 9: much more about the Mosquito claimed by Wener Hensel (thanks to Enzo Lanconelli).

Geschwader Bongart: ZG 1and FAGr. 5's part in Exercise Arabella (December 1943).

Kommando Koch: German naval advice about the use of radar-warning systems and an account of the attack on the Portofino convoy (4 November 1943).

Kommando Rastedter: a new page about U-boat radar decoys, information on two Ju 188 of 3.(F)/123 and updates to the list of sources.

Geschwader recognition bands: an extract from the 1./Seekriegsleitung diary about the concentration of fighters for an attempt to halt the Allies' daylight bombing offensive.

Nachtjagdstaffel Finnland/Norwegen: a flight from Nautsi by the unit's He 219.

Operation Dragoon: brief reconnaissance reports from 14 and 15 August 1944.

I./JG 4 heads home: information on a Bf 109 G-14 lost on 2 October 1944.

Sonderstaffel Kaatsch: addition about 19th Army reaching Chalons-sur-Saône.

Guide to ULTRA: reference to a 1985 magazine article making early use of a decrypt.

1 March 2020

Kommando Koch: additions throughout.

Kommando Rastedter: additions throughout.

Sonderstaffel Kaatsch: one addition about reconnaissance from Italy in support of 157. Reserve Division

Kommando Kunkel: addition about an operation on 27 May 1944.

Jagdgruppe 200: addition about an operation on 4 June 1944.

Invasion Watch: additional material throughout, mainly from German naval sources.

The Bf 109 H with 5.(F)/123: some small additions.

Kampfflieger Vol. 4: a pilot's account of the 2/3 December 1943 raid on Bari (thanks to Bernd Barbas).

Geschwader Bongart: a German description of the devastation after the bombing of Guéret and a photo of bomb damage in Cluny (thanks once again to Philippe Canonne).

II./SG 10 in Yugoslavia: an addition regarding 30 October 1944 (thanks to Russell Guest)

Heinz Hauck and 6.(F)/123: more about 3./KG 66 radar investigation flights.

Operation Dragoon: images of a 2./SAGr. 128 Arado Ar 196, abandoned near Chalons-sur-Saône (thanks to Henofred and RT of the 12 o'clock high forum).

Markings and camouflage: underwing camouflage on a Ju 88 of 8./KG 54 in Sicily, summer 1943.


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