June 1940

3 June

III./KG 76 was assigned to attack the aerodrome at Mory (S of Arras), with Crépy-en-Valois as an alternative target. Nine aircraft took off from Cambrai at 11.35, taking up a wedge formation. They flew at low level and the weather was perfect but they encountered rifle and machine gun all along their route, as well as Flak at Compiègne. Having fallen behind schedule, they attacked Noyon station, moving into a column for the attack and here again there was Flak. Dropping one SC 250 and 100 x SD 50 with delayed action fuses, they reported serious damage to the station. All the aircraft returned although eight of the nine were damaged by ground fire. The following evening, III./KG 76 reported a strength of 31 aircraft, of which 20 were serviceable.

Two aircraft of KG 77 were reported missing. On 6 July a report was issued, explaining that the crew of Oblt. Kapsch (9./KG 77) had made a forced landing near St. Omer with one man badly wounded, two slightly wounded and one unhurt. Feldwebel Patrzich’s (8./KG 77) also force landed near St. Omer but all aboard were killed.

5 June

Fliegerkorps IV reported heavy losses to enemy fighters during an attack on Rouen.

11 June

Of 10 He 111 which II./LG 1 was to hand over to KG 1, all but three were damaged and required lengthy repair.

General der Flieger Ulrich Grauert reported that 5.(F)/122 had only two Do 17 P fit for action; its other three aircraft were quite worn out, endangering the Staffel's capacity ofr reconnaissance. The Staffel had asked to be re-equipped with Ju 88 but without result.

12 June

KG 76 attacked the railway station at Dreux; F1+MS force landed at Fürstenberg near Paderborn, F1+BS broke off the attack due to bad weather. At 15.00 next day, the advanced operational HQ of III./KG 76 (now at Mory) reported that an aircraft of the 8. Staffel which took part in the raid had crashed at Köln-Butzweilerhof, killing two members of the crew and injuring two more.

13 June

Z5+EH was shot down in error by German fighters. [Correct code? Possibly U5+EH of I./KG 2, since Z and U are adjacent on an Enigma machine keyboard]

17 June

In a report sent at 23.00, an aeroplane, probably a Dornier, which had crashed at Champlitte, was described as a tank-chaser (Panzerjäger). The following day, Bletchley Park commented that: ‘“Panzerjäger” probably means “armoured fighters” not “tank chaser.”’

19 June

At 12.30 six RAF bombers with fighter escort attacked Boos aerodrome. Several personnel of the ground staff and Einsatzhafen Command 4/I there wounded and one killed. One aircraft was burnt out, one partly burnt, and three others damaged.

Glisy aerodrome was bombed by the Allies at 20.00: a Ju 52 was destroyed, also several barrels of oil.

22 June

An aircraft of ZG 76, NT+NT, was reported help up in Köln-Ostheim with damage to its engine and tyres.

General Loeb, General Commanding Luftgau Belgium was killed when his Ju 52 collided with another aircraft while. All those aboard both planes died and Loeb’s funeral was to take place at Brussels-Evère at midday on the 24th. As a result, Field Marshal Göring warned VIII Flieger Korps, Aufklärungsgruppe 123 and Jafü 3 that any further such failure of landing discipline would be severely punished.

23 June

III./KG 54 was advised that B3+AN had made a forced landing in Orléans.

25 June

Obltn. Hermann Rosenthal of KG 27 and his crew all killed in a crash somewhere in Flughafenbereich Wels, "shortly before 26 June".

26 June

Leutnant Pastor reported to Maj. Kappmann of II./ZG 76 that he had crashed near Ste. Marie and that his aircraft was 50% damamged.

Fliegerkorps IV reported the total loss of Ju 88 W.Nr. 6060 of II,.LG 1, to unknown causes. A prompt replacement was required.

27 June

On 27/6 Gruppe Matthes [II./JG 51] ordered a pilot of JG 51 in Buc to wait there until the 29th to be fetched. His own Potez 43 had made a forced landing at Beauvais, and no further Potez machines were available.

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