Acknowledgements and sources

Aside from the input cited in the introduction to this article, thanks are due to Andrew Arthy (for extracts from the III./SG 4 Kriegstagebuch that I’d missed) and Neil Page (for the pointer to Also to French historians Alain Cerri and Robert Serre whose online material about the Maquis has enabled me to understand why Geschwader Bongart and other units attacked some of the targets they did; Paul Mathevet for his work on crashed aircraft in the Drôme Département; and especially Philippe Canonne for all the contributions from his continuing investigations of events recorded on memorials in the Indre Département and for the many books and articles he has unearthed. Ed North contributed useful information about aircraft under repair at Villacoublay. Matti Salonen generously provided extensive details of the Geschwader’s aircraft and personnel casualties. Georg Schlaug contributed information about specific operations by 2./FAG 5 and 4./KG 26; Greg Skaggs generously shared his material on Fw. Otto Schild; Christain Berring contributed the Kurt Dommasch memorial card; Steve Coates supplied Technical Intelligence Report No. A-101 on Ètampes-Mondesir; Vince Ochs provided information about his uncle's service with III./Fl.ZG 2.

National Archives, Kew, London

AIR 20/7703

Luftflotte 3 Daily Situation Reports, July 1944

AIR 20/7704

Luftflotte 3 Daily Situation Reports, August 1944

AIR 23/3458

MAAF Int. Technical Intelligence Section Report No. 20(F)

AIR 23/6509

M.A.T.A.F.: Int/Opsums Nos. 274–538 (incomplete)

AIR 40/45

Crashed enemy aircraft reports: Nos. 154–270 (incomplete)

AIR 40/152

Fw 190 G

AIR 40/2152


AIR 40/2161

A.I.2(g) reports 1613–1750 (incomplete)

AIR 40/2680

German Air Intelligence: Miscellaneous Papers and Reports, 1943–1945

AIR 40/2859

Various technical reports on German Air Force aircraft and equipment (1 March–30 November 1944)

AIR 40/3096

SRA 5300–5399, 21/5/44–27/6/44

AIR 40/3114

CSDIC, Central Mediterranean Force: reports CMF/A 405-A590; information obtained from POWs and refugees (1 Jan 1944–31 Dec 1945)

AIR 51/281

MAAF Field Intelligence Unit, Technical Reports Nos. 16 (8 September 1944), 19 (16 September 1944), 20 (24 September 1944) and 21 (25 September 1944)

HS 6/361

SOE, EUCALYPTUS: communications with London on conditions and supply needs; disruption of road and rail communications; court of enquiry findings: 1944–1945

HS 6/424

Security file: EUCALYPTUS military mission to Vercors; liaison

HS 6/425

Security file: EUCALYPTUS mission court of enquiry

HS 6/564

WILLYS team: to follow up PECTORAL mission to Ardèche

HS 9/339/2

Anne-Marie COMERT, née WALTERS, Report on Mission to France

HS 9/1407/1

George Reginald STARR — born 06.04.1904 (1939–46)

HW 5/428–634

Government Code and Cypher School: German Section: Reports of German Army and Air Force High Grade Machine Decrypts (CX/FJ, CX/JQ and CX/MSS Reports), 27 January–21 December 1944

HW 13/6

Analyses of German Forces' appreciations of Allied intentions for Second Front (9 May–23 August 1944)

HW 13/20

Summaries of GAF Operational Activities: Mar 2 1944–Aug 22 1944

HW 13/38

GNA Vol. XII, OPD 1086–1129: 1 January – 31 March 1944

HW 16/42

Decrypts of all other GP codes other than No 3, issued as BP daily reports in GPD series (1944 Aug–1945 Feb)

WO 208/3647

Prisoner of War Interrogation Section (Home) London District Cage: interrogation reports, L.D.C. 199–307 (August 1944)

WO 218/4134

CSDIC (UK) SRA Reports 5537, 5538

WO 228/27/2

Condensed History — 79 Fighter Group

Imperial War Museum, London (Department of Documents)

Air Historical Branch 6 microfilms:

Reel 8: Kriegstagebuch Nr. 5 der III./SG 4 (Westfront) (1.11.44–19.1.45)

Reel 16: Kriegstagebuch der III./SG 4 (1.11.43–3.7.44)

Bundesarchiv-Militärarchiv, Freiburg-im-Breisgau

RH19 IV/51

Tagesmeldung OB West IA, 21–30 July 1944

RL2 IV/40

Invasions-Kalender über den Einsatz der fdl. u. eig. Luftwaffe, 21–26 July 1944

(BA-MA items received via Geoff Thomas and Georg Schlaug, circa 1993–94)

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