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24–31 May 1944



The same day, 4.(F)/123 had one of its pilots, Uffz. Heinz Luginger, killed when his Bf 109 G-5, W.Nr. 27108 was destroyed by German Flak, near Lison (south east of Carentan). This “friendly fire” incident may have a bearing on the story of the Bf 109 H with FAG 123, as we shall see.

On 31 May, FAG 123’s Technical Officer was complaining about AS-engined Bf 109s from ERLA , Antwerp. The message is fragmentary but the problem seems to have been a modification which meant that finished aircraft needed to spend 4–5 days at Guyancourt because “in order to take out the photo equipment, it is first necessary to take out the fuel tanks.”

9–10 June 1944



On the afternoon of 9 June, FAG 123's Operations Officer ordered the 5. Staffel that, when the weather was next suitable, it should obtain a photo reconnaissance strip of the Allied bridgehead from Cherbourg to Le Havre:

The operation is to be very carefully prepared and is to be flown by the best pilot in a Bf 109 H. He is to land at Guyancourt after completion of task.

The Staffel's crew availability that day was as follows. It does not say who the "best pilot" was:

Oblt. Kaiser



Oblt. Kopf

Offizier z.b.V.

detached on 7 June to Lechfeld (retraining)

Ltn. Weber



Ltn. Metzler

Foto. Offizier





Oblt. Spies

in hospital in Paris since 31 March

Oblt. Stemke


Oblt. Furth

killed on 8/6 (Lost on operations over enemy territory, crashed for unknown reasons. Bf 109 G-6 Werk Nummer 19940)

Oblt. Jedamzik

conditionally ready

Lt. Warthol


Ofw. Bartl


Fw. Bolten

in hospital in Arras since 10 May

Uffz. Mittermeyer


Uffz. Geisser

conditionally ready

Uffz. Kuhlmann

conditionally ready

Uffz. Bothe

detached on 8 June to Guyancourt to fetch an aircraft

Gefr. Schmidt

conditionally ready

Another return for the 9th reported that the Staffel had 11 aircraft of which 6 were serviceable, 3 would be ready within 5 days and the 2 after that. For his part, Lt. Warthol would be ready at 10.40 hours.

FAG 123's Acting Kommandeur, Maj. i.G. Knapp, passed the message on the 9th that next day he intended to hold a conference with 3.(F)/122, 5.(F)/123 and Wekusta 51. The three Staffelkapitäne were to be ready "with the necessary documents" and he would land after 03.00 hours. The subject of the conference is not recorded but at 14.30 hrs [GMT] on the 10th, the Operations Officer relayed a new requirement to 5.(F)/123:

Preparations for photo recce by Bf 109 H. See that, besides enemy occupied area, also the shipping concentrations in the Seine Bay are covered.

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