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Several additions to Listening and Jamming: June 1943–August 1944, including the origins of Kommando Rastedter, co-operation with naval units and its commanding officer's subsequent posting.

KGr. 100, ULTRA and the Coventry Blitz: extensive additions about the RAF's attacks on the X-beam stations.

I./JG 4 heads home expanded to include details of four more Bf 109 G-14 lost or damaged on 19 September 1944.



A new article, Listening and Jamming: July 1943–August 1944, about Kommando Rastedter and its successor units.

I./JG 4 heads home expanded to include details of eight more Bf 109 G-14 lost or damaged up to 29 September 1944.

Heinz Hauck and 6.(F)/123: article expanded.

Geschwader Bongart: an SOE agent's brief description a German air attack.

NSG 9: more on the fate of Ofw. Wolfsen and Gefr. Wilk (thanks to Michele Becchi).

Markings and camouflage: identification of »Herr Beu« of the Heinkel firm (thanks to Don Bender).

JGr. 200: another incident in the flying career of Heinz Moschke (thanks to Matti Salonen).



Completion of the new article: Invasion Watch, 18 April–5 June 1944 (including some revisions to the April 1944 pages which I posted last month).

Using ULTRA: a listing of DEFE3 series files for 1944–45 in date order and with serial numbers of the messages in each one.

Geschwader Bongart: Westa 2 Ob.d.L's contribution to anti-partisan operations on 4 and 5 July 1944 (thanks to Pierre Babin).

I./JG 2 in Italy: another report about the Allied bombing of Rome on 3 March 1944.

Codes of 1.(F)/33 & 1.(F)/5 Arado 234 aircraft at Stavanger (thanks to Huib Ottens).

Kommando Götz: some small additions about the last days of 1.(F)/123.

Minor corrections.



A page listing some aircraft of I./JG 4 reported lost or damaged in the course of the unit's deployment to and departure from the France and Belgium in the late summer of 1944.

Jagdgeschwader recognition bands: a signal of 25 October 1944 from Ob. West about an impending major operation.

He 111 torpedo operations: an early British identification of KGr. 126.

Kommando Olga: expanded information on 6.(F)/123.

Sonderstaffel Kaatsch: more information on Bf 109 G-6, W.Nr. 781210.

Geschwader Bongart: quote from a member of 2./ZG 1 about the unit's first knowledge of the Normandy invasion.

SG 4 in Normandy: a prisoner's description of radar station »Distelfink« and the dispatch of one of the unit's Fw 190s for repair at Cravant-Bazarnes.

Raid damage: the fate of Fw 190 G-3, W.Nr. 160462 of 1./SKG 10.

Kampfflieger 4: an Abwehr assessment of damage inflicted in three Steinbock raids on London.

I./JG 2 in Italy: a report of damage caused by the USAAF raids on Rome on 3 March 1944; a map of the Gruppe's bases and combats; a breakdown of pilots' victory claims.

Various minor corrections.



The first part of a new article: Invasion Watch, 18 April–5 June 1944.

Jagdgruppe 200: a new page summarising the career of Uffz. Gustav-Wilhelm Ohmert, plus addtions to the narrative regarding his actions with JGr. 200 (thanks to Simon Kovach).

Kampfflieger 4: correction to an error on page 318, based on further research.

Operation Dragoon: a note about Ogefr. Fritz Pauleweit joining II./TG 1; a little more information about Fw 190 A-4, W.Nr. 140703.

Staffel Kaatsch: a note about a 2./NAG 13 pilot killed on the first day of that unit's return to operations.

Kommando Olga: some more information about the apparent winding-up of the special detachment of 6.(F)/123.

AIr raid damage: a note about the fate of Bf 109 G-6, W.Nr. 15864 of III./JG 27.

Various minor corrections.



Luftwaffe loss reports, May–December 1940: the sixth instalment, two pages covering November and December.

Jagdgruppe 200: a map showing bases and combats and an eyewitness account of the unit's action on 12 July 1944.

Geschwader Bongart: information about two He 177 operations flown by Westa 2.

Operation Dragoon: cancellation of an operation against Allied ships off Corsica on 13 August 1944.

Kommando Olga: more information about 6.(F)/123 in the summer of 1944, including a Ju 188 operation from Saint-Martin-de-Crau.

Various minor corrections.



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