November 1940

1 November

An urgent inquiry was made of Kirkenes by Air Movement Control at Bardufoss as to the whereabouts of OB+QA. AMC Kirkenes reported to AMC Banak the landing of Ju 52 GB+QA and added that nothing was known of OB+QA.

4 November

Fliegerkorps announced the following casualties reported from London by the Red Cross, Geneva:

Prisoners in England: Fw. Wolf and NCO Schimmle, both of III./KG 51;

Killed: Ofw. Tiepel of I./ZG 26; Obltn. Niebusky and NCO Thiessen, both of II./ZG 26.

6 November

A French flying boat was reported as having sunk in grid square 59364. The crew was not rescued.

7 November

Early on 7 November, Air Movement control Warnemünde sent out a general request for information about a Ju 52, T5+BS. This had left Warnemünde at 1225 on the 6th on a service journey to Shweidnitz, with a crew of one NCO and five men, but had not arrived there.

A Ju 52, 4V+DK, was reported to have left Magdeburg-Ost for Villacoublay on 5 November and to be overdue. The Air Ministry asked all aerodromes on Luftgau Kdo. XI to report if it landed.

12 November

The Air Ministry Chief of Air Security was enquiring anxiously of RAFF in Luftgaukdo. Norway, the whereabouts of a Bf 108 a/c marked GV+GW which was overdue on a flight from Hamburg-Fühlsbüttel to Aalborg-West. Flieger Engineer was in this aircraft. (B)

13 November

Source thinks that aircraft SE+PJ made a forced landing near Deblin at 0845 hours as a result of engine failure. It was 60% damaged.

14 November

Source saw following list of figures supplied to Technical Officer of Jafü Luftflotte 3 by JG 53. The column headings were not supplied by source but a similar formula has been used previously by fighter units:

No. of ops for which there is [or are] …








2 (2)

1 (0)





27 (19)

28 (22)





29 (15)

16 (14)





27 (14)

22 (16)




Erg. St.

13 (6)

17 (0)




Bf 109 E-1b (W.Nr. 4896) of JG 53 destroyed by storm. In addition, JG 53 complained that in various Jagdgeschwader the yellow nose was no longer recognisable.

* From the fact that the number of “a/c ready” (Column 2) plus the number of “losses” (Column 5) equal the “total a/c in unit” (Column 1) it may be that the figures hitherto reported as “losses” in this type of pro-forma refer to unserviceable a/c.

16 November

Restkommando of KG 26 at Lübeck-Blankensee sent by official wire to Kommandant Teichel (who on 4 May was Adjutant of KG 26 and would appear still to be part of the Geschwader in France) a list of sizes in shoes taken by some 15 Fraus and Fräuleins, apparently related to officers of the Geschwader and ambitious of going gloriously in French footwear at their enemies’ expense. He added as a postscript that Uffz. Markwart had crashed at Kiel with a/c BU.

17 November

The following report was made by 3.(F)/122 at Eindhoven to Fliegerkorps IX: … 1 Ju 88 damaged by bombs.

18 November

3.(F)/122 at Eindhoven sent following strength return to Fliegerkorps IX: … 1 Ju 88 did not return from flight over enemy territory … 1 Ju 88 damaged by bombs.

20 November

Air movement Control MAELE asked Air Movement Control URSEL whether Ju 52 4V+AA had landed there.

22 November

3.(F)/122 reported that a Ju 88 had crashed on a flight to Münster and been completely destroyed. The pilot and W/T operator were killed and the test-pilot (Oberprüfer) died later in hospital.


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