2005's additions and corrections to this site are listed opposite, with the most recent at the top.



NSG 9: Chapter 2, new information about the markings of a Fiat CR.42 found at Viterbo.



Kittyhawk versus Fw 190 article: additional information about the Allies' examination of Rieti aerodrome.


Additions to the German Air Force in Rumania pages: signals about the arrival of Me 323s and the departure of an Ar 232 as well as two daily operations reports from Luftflotte 4.


Additions to Kampfflieger Volume 4, page 300 about Eastern Front operations by KG 3 and KG 55 in May 1944.


Two pages added I./JG 2 in Italy about Luftwaffe efforts to combat Allied artillery spotter aircraft on the Italian front.



Six pages added to Schlachtgeschwader 4: last battles in Italy: most of these have information derived from Signals Intelligence sources; another gives No. 92 Squadron RAF's account of its combat on 13 May 1944.


Coming in the future: addtional material for the Kampfflieger Volume 4 pages; more about operations by I. Fliegerkorps in Rumania; more RAF accounts of combats with SG 4.


Part four of Schlachtgeschwader 4: last battles in Italy, covering the period 26 May–30 September 1944.



Additions to the page about SG 4 on 14 May 1944. and a new page with Signals Intelligence information from May 1944.

While this concludes the main narrative, I hope eventually to add more material from RAF Operations Record Books.


Part three of Schlachtgeschwader 4: last battles in Italy, covering the period 22–25 May 1944.



Part two of Schlachtgeschwader 4: last battles in Italy, covering the period 18–21 May 1944.



Extensive additions and corrections to I./JG 2 in Italy, made possible by contributions from Christopher Shores.


First part of a new article Schlachtgeschwader 4: last battles in Italy. More instalments will follow, taking the story through May, June and July 1944 until the unit's departure.



New information on Jafü Balkan order of battle (Rumanian and Luftwaffe units) on 4 February 1944 and Rumanian and Bulgarian units of Fliegerkorps I on 25 April 1944.



Operation Dragoon: additional information about the HQ of Jafü Süd.


II./NJG 6: additional information about RAF operations on the night of 3/4 June 1944.


Kampfflieger Volume 4: addition to page 341; correction to page 359; substantial additions to the page about LG 1's operations in the last week of 1944; comments from Jörn Junker about photos on pages 306–307, page 323 and page 367.


New page added about some of the first Luftwaffe bomber operations against the Anzio-Nettuno beach head.



New pages added about the Luftwaffe's raid on Poreta aerodrome, Corsica and its aftermath for 251 Wing and 322 Wing RAF.


Corrections to Kampfflieger Volume 4: Marcel van Heijkop has pointed out errors in the photo captions (which were supplied by the publisher) on pages 328, 348, 349 and 383.


Small corrections to the pages about convoys "UNTRUE" and "ANNEX" provided by Laurent Rizzotti.


DRAGOON: corrected source information re claims by USN pilots on 19 August 1944.


I./JG 2: corrected spelling to the name of a pilot of 3./JG 2 provided by Franek Grabowski; other minor corrections to the I./JG 2 article.


Additions to the article on I./JG 2 in Italy with information on two USAAF Spitfires shot down by Fw 190s on 17 and 19 March 1944. This was possible thanks to a new book, “Spitfires And Yellow Tail Mustangs: The 52nd Fighter Group in World War Two” by Tom Ivie and Paul Ludwig (Hikoki Publications Ltd., Crowborough, 2005) ISBN 1 902109 43 0.



New page about operations by LG 1 and I./KG 66 between Christmas 1944 and New Year 1945.



New page linking from NSG 9: Chapter 14, detailing Fw 190 operations on the nights of 20/21 and 21/22 April 1945.


Minor corrections to the Kampfflieger Volume 4 pages; a new erratum for page 302; comments from Carsten Petersen on photographs on page 323, page 367 and page 382.


Erratum to page 382 and additional information about IV./KG 200.


Additional information about I./KG 66 (page 351).


Additional information about a German aircraft shot down on 19 August 1944, during Operation Dragoon.


New section with updates, extras and errata for Kampfflieger Volume 4: Bombers of the Luftwaffe, Summer 1943–May 1945.



Additions to Rumania (page 4).


Four new pages on the dispositions of the Luftwaffe and Aeronautica Regala Romana in Rumania in July/August 1944. The information is derived from a report desribing a map overlay acquired by Allied Intelligence and supplemented from ULTRA.



New page linking from NSG 9: Chapter 4.

Complete works page updated with more about the Hungarian edition of Air War Italy 1944–45.



Information added to page about NSG 7 on 26 May 1944.


Additions to the NJG 6 article: new page about an attack on an RAF Wellington on the night of 25/26 May 1944; more information about the report of a Wellington lost on 3/4 June and a link to the website "The Wimpys of 205 Group."


New article about II./NJG 6 in Italy: May and June 1944.

Operation Dragoon: new pages about US Navy victory claims on 19 and 21 August 1944.



New page on multi-engined reconnaissance aircraft found at Zeltweg.

Engine Werk Nummer added for Bf 109 G-10/U4 at Wörschach/Aigen (for people who are into that stuff).



New page quoting the 350th FG's Presidential Unit Citation for its actions on 6 April 1944 (thanks to Christer Bergström).


New book cover image added to Complete Works page.


Minor fixes to links etc.


New page with details of 21 Fw 190s found by RAF Field Intelligence at Zeltweg and Klagenfurt, Austria.



Layout amendments on the page about Bf 109s at Zeltweg and Wörschach.


Additional infomration (from Andrew Arthy) about a Kittyhawk pilot of No. 250 Squadron RAF.


New page quoting decrypted signals about the Bf 109 G-14 and Bf 109 K-4.

New page with details of Luftwaffe and Hungarian Bf 109s found by an RAF Field Intelligence Unit at Zeltweg, Austria in 1945.



Operation Dragoon: link from "Before D-Day" to a new page about a USAAF attack on a Luftwaffe HQ (thanks to information from Michaël Svejgaard).

Correction to JG 2 pages.



New article added: I./JG 2 in Italy, February–April 1944. The most comprehensive account to date (as far as I know) of this deployment.



New page added to "Rieti" article, about a German fighter pilot shot down over Italy on 7 April 1944.


New page added to NSG 9: Appendices in memory of veterans Horst Greßler, Alfons Eck and Harry Fischer.


Images of five book covers added to Complete Works page.

NSG 9: Appendices link now live.


Link added from Dragoon: D+4 to Michaël Svejgaard's page on Château La Nerthe (thanks to Michaël).

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