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The Allies intended to cripple the Luftwaffe's command and control system on the eve of the landings. At 16.50 hours, led by Major La Clare, 12 P-38s of the 94th FS, 1st FG took off to dive bomb the HQ of Jafü Süd at La Nerthe, 7 miles north of Avignon. One of the Americans aborted with mechanical trouble but the remainder were over the target at 18.12 and claimed two direct hits on the buildings, six very near misses and five near misses within 100 feet. No enemy aircraft were seen but Caritat airfield put up some accurate Flak.

The attack's complete success was confirmed when, at 19.00 hours, the Jafü reported that his Gefechtsstand (Command Post) had been bombed-out by eight Lightnings and that three personnel were killed, three badly wounded and three not severely. The HQ was no longer usable and, so far as telephone lines were available, the Jafü intended to be serviceable as an aircraft reporting centre in Courthezon (6 miles south east of Orange) next day. A survey for the site of a mobile battle HQ for close support control was still in progress.

On their way home, the Americans strafed trucks, power stations, locomotives and a barracks. They landed at their base, Aghionne, without loss

94th Fighter Squadron pilots taking part in this attack were:

Maj. La Clare

Lt. Hawkins

Lt Morris

Lt. Arrowsmith

Lt. Gonring

Lt. Taylor

Lt. Bostwick

F/O Kozerski

F/O Sykes

Lt. Helen

Lt. Karl

Lt. Wagnecz

The Squadron took off at 16.50 hours, bombed from 18.12 and landed by 19.52. Lt. Wagnecz was forced to turn back with mechanical trouble and landed at 17.40 hours.

Sources: 94th FS mission report from Michaël Svejgaard (Col RDAF retd.); Ultra decrypt of report from Jafü Süd.