2010's additions and corrections to this site are listed opposite, with the most recent at the top.



A substantial expansion of the Kommando Schenck article, including an analysis of published accounts of when the unit's Me 262s first arrived in France and went into action, plus some conclusions of my own.

Correction to the Jagdgruppe 200 article re the Werk Nummer of a Bf 109 abandoned at Aix-Les-Milles. (Thanks to Franck for spotting that).

Minor corrections to the I./JG 2 in Italy article.



Several additions to Nachtjagdstaffel Finnland/Norwegen, thanks to Rod McKenzie, Marcel Hogenhuis and my latest trip to the National Archives.

Layout revisions and minor corrections to II./NJG 6 in Italy.



A new magazine article, for Flugzeug Classic, included on the Complete Works page.



A new article on Nachtjagdstaffel Finnland/Norwegen, not pretending to be comprehensive but hoping to add something to what has been published elsewhere.

Even more minor corrections and layout changes.



Complete rewrite and redesign of the Operation Dragoon pages.

New Kampfflieger Vol. 4 page about the part played by II./KG 26 against the Vercors uprising on 14 July , plus anti-partisan operations by III./KG 26 on 15 and 17 July 1944.

Yet more minor corrections.



The Stab/JG 77 War Diary is now in the wider page layout, with a new page added about events during their deployment to Tulln, Austria on 8 July 1944.

Yet more minor corrections and restoration of links.



The Schlachtflieger pages and the SG 4 in Normandy article are now in the wider page layout, as are all the Kampfflieger Vol. 4 pages.

Changes to the layout of the Complete Works page and the Using Ultra article.

Numerous corrections to page layouts and restoration of links.



Complete redesign of SG 4: last battles in Italy including many minor corrections and extensive additions to the account of the combats on 13 May 1944.

Various other corrections to spellings and layouts.



The Stuka on the Scrapheap redesigned.



The pages on Nahaufklärungsgruppe 13 and those about the Me 262 with 1./NAG 1 have been redesigned.



Small addtion to the Using Ultra article, about German alphabetical characters.

Complete redesign of the pages on Bf 109 G-14/AS versus Fw 190 A-9, From Bf 109 G-14 to K-4, 10./ZG 1 and The Bf 109 G with III./JG 7.

Complete redesign of I./JG 2 in Italy with some small additions to the events of 17 and 18 March 1944.



Added to Jagdgruppe 200 in Provence: June–August 1944: a new page (linking from his victory claim on 14 July) about Lt. Heinz Moschke's service with the unit.

Added to Sonderstaffel Kaatsch: Lt. Moschke's flights with the Staffel and his fate; also a few words about the subsequent flying careers of Lt. Kurt Bell and Ofw. Eduard Isken. Besides that, I've converted all the times in the article from GMT to German local time.

Complete overhaul of the layout and navigation of NSG 9; new content added for Chapters 2, 4, 6, 9, 10 (multiple items), 12 (multiple items), 14 and the Appendices (multiple items).



Jagdgruppe 200 in Provence: June–August 1944 has now reached the end of the unit's operational history on 20 August 1944. Two lists have been added, of losses in action and of aircraft abandoned when the Gruppe withdrew from Provence. There is also a short Free French Air Force summary of the action on 8 August and a mention of a P-47 lost to Flak on 31 July 1944.

I'll be adding a little more to this article before too long, I hope.



Jagdgruppe 200 in Provence: June–August 1944 now includes 16 and 17 August 1944.

Format of several pages updated and one layout problem corrected.



Jagdgruppe 200 in Provence: June–August 1944 is now up to 15 August 1944. Information on two French P-47 losses (on 6 and 8 August respectively) included, thanks to Guy Julien.

Format of several pages updated.



Jagdgruppe 200 in Provence: June–August 1944 is now up to 10 August 1944. Name of pilot Lt. Heinz Moschke corrected.

Various minor corrections to page layouts.



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