HP 6943

Luftgau XI on 14th [November 1944] requested immediate assembly of one basic issue of airframe replacement parts for modification of Me 109 G-14 to K-4 for Luftpark Gardelegen, Extended Equipment Issuing station Diepholz and Airfield Detachment Palntlünne.

Above described as Priority One, operationally important.

Comment:(a) on 26 October III./JG 26 was to receive “a further 20 new Me 109 K-4” at Plantlünne, see HP 4712. On that date, transfer of the whole Gruppe to Plantlünne was imminent but apart from the 9. Staffel there on 6th this transfer was apparently postponed owing intneded tactical transfer into the Darmstadt area under 5. Jagddivision (HP 6051) which however never materialised. Moreover this move evidently no longer intended: compare for example HP 6878 for intended ops in Roermond area on 17th.

Therefore stocking of Plantlünne for converting to K-4 may imply reversion to original plan to transfer whole of III. Gruppe there. Strength return for 8th in HP 6127 showed 12 aircraft of the Gruppe with Me 109 K-4. These probably with 9. Staffel at Plantlünne.

HP 7726 (24 November 1944) contains a further reference to “the modification parts Me 109 G to Me 109 K.”


I took a note of these Ultra messages because I don’t remember, among all the minutely detailed arguments about late-model 109s, anyone ever writing that it was possible to convert a G-14 to a K-4 at depot or airfield level.

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