2007's additions and corrections to this site are listed opposite, with the most recent at the top.



Major revision of the article on Aufklärungsstaffel Kaatsch, now approximately doubled in length and with details of several of the unit's losses.



Minor corrections to NSG 9: Chapter 10 (re Hptm. Willi Wilzopolski) and to Operation Dragoon (Werk Nummer of Fw. Tanck's aircraft, II./JG 77).


Kampfflieger Volume 4 page 363: additional details of the Me 262s on strength with I./KG 51 in January 1945 including several "new" aircraft.



NSG 9: Chapter 10, new information on the careers of Maj. Robert Rohn and Hptm. Eduard Reither after they left NSG 9.


NSG 9: Chapter 10, new material on the career of Hptm. Willi Wilzopolski.

NJG 6 in Italy: missing report for Uffz. Alfred Mrusek's crew, January 1945.



Markings and Camouflage: a message to Heinkel in Vienna about the application of colour 82 and the placement of national markings on an unspecified type (apparently the He 162).


Minor corrections elsewhere. Coming soon: more on the Me 262s of KG 51.


Kampfflieger Volume 4 page 363: Werk Nummern and tactical markings of all 25 Me 262s on strength with I./KG 51 on 6 January 1945. Also the Werk Nummern of eight aircraft transferred to the Gruppe on 3 January from II./KG 51.



New section added with updates, additions and corrections to the book Schlachtflieger: Luftwaffe Ground-Attack Units 1937–1945, including:



A new article about NSG 1 on the Western Front in 1945, with six appendices and a map.


Additional material about NSG 20's strength, losses and the Werk Nummern of some of its Fw 190s.


The two existing articles about SG 4 in Italy have been relocated to the Schlachtflieger section


Kampfflieger Volume 4 pages 348–9: added the name of the pilot of Fw 190 F-8 "green 5" of III./KG 51 in October 1944.


Operation Dragoon: additional information about II./JG 77's move to France; confirmation that Seenotkdo. Berre flew the Bréguet Bizerte and that the unit was transferred to Germany on 16 August 1944; more about Fw 190s of NAGr. 13 in Appendix 3.



Kampfflieger Volume 4 page 352: additonal information on Me 262s serving with KG 51 in November 1944.


Markings and Camouflage: revisions to third page.


Kampfflieger Volume 4 page 371: Werk Nummern and/or unit codes of 97 Me 262s (taken from deciphered signals and almost all belonging to KG 51) between late February and late March 1945.



Operation Dragoon: a number of new aircraft added to the Appendices as well as additional details on others. Includes three Fw 190s of 2./NAG 13 and a Bf 109 wreck "reassigned" to another unit, on the basis of new information.


NSG 9: code and Werk Nummer of an Fw 190 F-8 damaged on 27 February 1945 added to Appendix Three: Aircraft lost or damaged.


Additions to Kampfflieger Volume 4 page 325, linking to an online account of author Joseph Heller's combat experiences which include the German raid on airfields in Corsica in May 1944. (Thanks to Yves Marino).



Addition to the Kampfflieger Volume 4 introduction, linking to two reviews posted online by readers.


Cover image, title and ISBN of a forthcoming book that I've contributed to.


SG 4 Last Battles in Italy: 14 May 1944, link to a Signals Intelligence report on the bombing of Piacenza that day (including a track map of the bombers and defending fighters).


NAG 13 pages: two more accident reports on Bf 109s of this Gruppe.


NSG 9: Chapter 10, German report about the loss of an Hs 126 added to the page on No. 249 Squadron's action over Yugoslavia on 26 May 1944.


Major revisions and additions to the Operation Dragoon article with changes to most of the pages and a whole new appendix of Bf 109, Fw 190 and Ju 88 Werk Nummern taken from deciphered signals. Amongst other changes are what I hope are more accurate interpretations of the combats on 12 and 16 August; a brief after-action report from a mission by II./JG 77 against French Resistance fighters; one loss from II./KG 100 is now attributed to a different action; and the pilot and code of a 2.(F)/122 Me 410 detached to France are included.



Additions to Kampfflieger Volume 4 page 299: details of two Ju 88s missing after the raid on Bari and an Me 410 shot down during a reconnaissance of the port two days later.


NSG 9: Chapter 6, a photograph of Gefr. Wilhelm Happe of 1./NSG 9, who died in a flying accident on 3 July 1944.


NSG 9: Chapter 11, additional discussion of Ju 87s with Werk Nummern in the "3-1100" and "3-1200" series.


War Diary of Stab JG 77 new pages added covering operations in July 1944 and completing the translation of all the pages that I have copies of.



NSG 9: Chapter 11, new information about a Ju 87 damaged on 25 December 1944.


NSG 9: Appendices, addition to aircraft loss tables, a page in memory of veteran Willy Ferling, and a link to a new photo of an Fw 190 of 1./NSG 9


War Diary of Stab JG 77 new pages added covering operations in June 1944.

Coming soon (-ish): several revisions and additions to the Operation Dragoon article.


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