1 December 1944


From Tech. Offficer, No. 490 on 1/12:

Prepare immediately recognition colour yellow (colour 04) for all front a/c with Staffeln.

Amount required per a/c: about 1 kg.

Staffeln are to get into touch with the appropriate supply depot. Report on completion of preparations by 0900/3/12 to Gruppen Tech. Officer(s).

If preparations are not possible in spite of exhaustion of every possibility, report immediately which stations were approached for delivery. A sketch of the plan for painting is on the way.

The completion of painting is particularly ordered.

NOTE: Believed from (F) 123 to 2./NAG 1.

4 December 1944


To KABEK ((KG)) 53 Legion Condor Bad Zwischenahn, from a/c Park Gardelegen Dept. B6 Branch Office 85 on 4/12:

Ref: Communication of Luftgau No. 6 of 1/12.

Special marking paint 04 can be fetched on Wednesday 6/12.

19 December 1944

Bundesarchiv RL 2-III/238

Oberkommando der Luftwaffe

H.Q., 19.12.1944

Generalstab - Gen.Qu.

11b15.28 Nr.: 15162/44 g.K. 2. Abt. (IIB)

Re: Markings of Ambulance Aircraft

With immediate effect all ambulance aircraft will be armed and carry the normal camouflage paint. All markings as an ambulance aircraft (red cross) are cancelled and are to be — insofar as still present — are to be removed.

Signed von Criegern

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