2006's additions and corrections to this site are listed opposite, with the most recent at the top.



Schlachtgeschwader 4: corrections to factory codes of aircraft reported on 17 May 1944.



10./ZG 1: added the name of a pilot recommended for the Iron Cross, First Class.


Kampfflieger Vol. 4: added accident reports for two Me 262s of II./KG 51 and a complaint from KG 51 about attacks by friendly fighters on its Me 262s.


Additions to Kampfflieger Volume 4:

Page 325: almost 700 words of the manuscript omitted from the book as published and covering operations in Italy from 24 February to 29 April 1944.

Page 361: Werk Nummern of 15 Ju 88s serving with LG 1 in December 1944.



I./JG 2 in Italy: added the subsequent fates of a number of the Gruppe's pilots who served in Italy (thanks to Daniel Dahiot's online database of German fighter losses in Normandy).


More pages of the War Diary of Stab JG 77 through to 30 May 1944.



More pages of the War Diary of Stab JG 77 through to 30 April 1944.



My translation of the War Diary of Stab JG 77 from 25 November 1943–31 January 1944. (Future instalments will continue through to 31 July 1944).



Additions to I./JG 2 in Italy on the pages for 26 February and 13 March 1944.


Information about AZIMUTH, III./KG 51's brief deployment to Germersheim in November 1944.



Addition to Kampfflieger Volume 4, page 348: Werk Nummern and tactical numbers for nine Fw 190 F-8 and G-3 aircraft serving with III./KG 51 in November 1944.



Operation Dragoon: additions to 20 and 22 August 1944, regarding JGr. 200.

Minor addition to Sonderstaffel Kaatsch, cross-referring to the above.



Schlachtgeschwader 4: last battles in Italy: After action reports from III./JG 53 for 21, 23, 24 & 25 May 1944 including details of three claims for Marauders either shot down or "effectively shot up. Also information on casualties suffered in these actions and a report from the Hermann Göring Pz. Div. on the discovery and burial of the body of SG 4's Oblt. Robert Reiprich on 21 May.


Added to the same article: Addtional details about I./JG 77 and 2./NAG 11's actions on 27 May. Now confirmed that the Bf 109 shot down by the 111th TRS (thanks to a crash report giving time, place and the Bf 109's unit).


Directive from OKL Operations Staff dated 3 February 1944 about the application of unit markings to aircraft.



Additions to Kampfflieger Volume 4 pages 352 and 363. Deciphered German reports on a number of lost or missing Me 262s of I./KG 51; codes of 13 machines of 2./KG 51 and the dates they left Lechfeld in October 1944; codes and/or Werk Nummern of a number of other I./KG 51 jets; codes of all the Gruppe's serviceable and unserviceable aircraft on 4 February 1945. Also, reports on the repair of two Kommando Nowotny aircraft at Achmer (not bombers, I know, but included as a public service!).


Kittyhawk vs. Fw 190: more details of SG 4's operations, claims and losses on 7 April 1944 and a signal explaining why they bombed Palombaro that day.


Markings of eight Fw 190s of 1. and 2./JG 2 in Italy on 6 April 1944 plus the name of another pilot who took part in the Italian deployment.


Kampfflieger Volume 4 page 325: German intelligence about the effects of the Corsica raids in May 1944.


Addition to Schlachtgeschwader 4: last battles in Italy giving the tactical markings of 19 Fw 190s of SG 4 arriving in Viterbo on 13 May 1944 and a German assessment of the Geschwader's attacks that day. Stammkennzeichen of several aircraft delivered from Germany between 15 and 17 May 1944.




Addtion to Kampfflieger Volume 4 page 341 about the award of the Ritterkreuz to Oblt. Georg Sattler. Addition to page 325 of a German report on the results of the Cosrican airfield raids.


I./JG 2 in Italy: addition of a claim from I./JG 4 for an artillery spotter "effectively shot up; details of two more aircraft brought in from France on 14 March 1944.


Ghost Bombers Chapter 4: added operational order to NSG 9 for the nights 11/12 and 12/13 May 1944. Also a request for a replacement for the Gruppe's Stabsarzt.


Addtion to Kampfflieger Volume 4 page 303: a selection of messages about the transfer of IV./KG 27 to a new airfield; the shooting down a a Ju 188 from 11./KG 2; and a detailed strength return for IV./KG 1 showing a diverse collection of aircraft types.



Extensive addition to the Ghost Bombers Chapter 2 pages about the arrival of Ju 87s with 6Q+N_ codes in February/March 1944.


An addition to the Ghost Bombers Chapter 2 pages about 1./NSG 9's deployment to the battle front in March 1944.


Addtions and corrections to the page on 10./ZG 1, including another Werk Nummer for an Fw 190 of the unit.



Additions to the Kampfflieger Volume 4 pages:


A report on a mining operation by KG 76 off Anzio on the night of 26/27 March 1944.


I./KG 4 and I./KG 27 operations over the Crimea, February–March 1944.


Intercepted signals about the allocation of He 177s to I./KG 40. (Includes Werk Nummern and codes of four aircraft).


Details of an intruder mission over Eastern England by II./KG 51's Me 410s.


Added to the I./JG 2 article:


A call from 29. Pz.Gr. Division for action against Allied artillery spotters.


Details of operations by III./JG 53 on 18 March 1944.


More about operations by I. and II./SG 4 on 18 March 1944.


Two new pages addred to the I./JG 2 article covering actions by III./JG 53 on 17 March and by SG 4 on 18 March 1944.



Minor corrections to the account of I./JG 2's action on 17 March 1944.

Additional information about a wrecked Fw 190 of SG 4 found at Viterbo.



New page added with details of accidents to two Fw 190s of 10./ZG 1 in early 1944.


Index split across two pages to make space for the growing contents list.


Thanks to more research, several changes to I./JG 2 in Italy including: corrected Stammkennzeichen for the unit's LeO 451; Staffel and tactical number of a Fw 190 which crashed on 3 March; tactical numbers of four Fw 190s arriving on 6 March; clarification of combats/claims on 17 March; small addition to account of combat on 18 March; link restored to claims/loss data for 24 March; and various minor corrections to typos etc.



Comprehensive (I hope) restoration of links throughout the site following recent change of software.


Added to Kampfflieger Volume 4 pages: report of a pre-strike reconnaissance of Allied airfields on Corsica.



Major additions to I./JG 2 in Italy including a detailed report on the first 12 operational days and a new page listing the tactical markings of about 30 of the Gruppe's aircraft deployed to Italy. Corrections to reflect uncertainty (pointed out by Andy Fletcher) as to when Hptm. Sommer became Kapitän of 3./JG 2.


Seven pages of RAF and RCAF combat reports added to Schlachtgeschwader 4: last battles in Italy: No. 417 Squadron on 14 and 19 May 1944; No. 92 on 18 May; No. 232 on the 24th; Nos. 242 and 451 on the 25th. Also minor amendments to the main narrative.


New pages on NAG 13 in May 1944, listing the pilots and aircraft of the 3. Staffel and with four loss/accident reports.


Operation Dragoon: Werk Nummer of a lost Fw 190 added to the account of the daylight actions on 16 August 1944.

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