2009's additions and corrections to this site are listed opposite, with the most recent at the top.



Jagdgruppe 200 in Provence: June–August 1944 is now up to 6 August 1944. Future instalments will take it up to 20 August.

An American pilot's account of the 24 March 1944 combat added to the article on I./JG 2 in Italy.

Various minor corrections to page layouts.



Jagdgruppe 200 in Provence: June–August 1944 is now up to 31 July 1944.

Luftwaffe and Saint-Exupéry article: included some more thoughts on the supposed possibility of a pilot concealing a victory on learning the name of his victim.

Using Ultra: updated now that I've taken a look at National Archives file AIR40/2697.

III./SG 4 in Normandy: minor corrections.



Jagdgruppe 200 in Provence: June–August 1944 is now up to 23 July 1944. It also includes a little additional biographical information on Fw. Rainer Müller-Haagen (award of EK I) and Hptm. Georg Seckel (departure from JG 77).



SG 4: Last Battles in Italy: name corrected of a pilot killed on 21 May 1944 (thanks to Uwe Kuehnapfel).


Using Ultra: corrections to file references on pages 3 and 4.


The story of Jagdgruppe 200 in Provence: June–August 1944 has now reached 12 July 1944 and includes an appendix on the unit's order of battle for the period 11 June – 18 August 1944.



In addition, there are several changes to the pages covering the combat of 27 May and events of June 1944. My particular thanks to Guy Julien and Jan Bobek for their comments and contributions in response to the original version.


NAG 13: addition of the tactical number of Bf 109 G-5 WNr. 110017.


Various minor corrections.


A new article: Jagdgruppe 200 in Provence: June–August 1944. This is the first instalment and the story will be continued over the coming weeks, so there are some links that currently go nowhere.



Various minor corrections, and reconstruction of the Luftwaffe and Saint-Exupéry article after a software crash corrupted part of it.


Additions to the Kommando Sommer article, including an image of a contemporary document (courtesy of Ferdinando D'Amico and Gabriele Valentini).



Sonderstaffel Kaatsch: extensive revisions and additions including a new appendix of known aircraft (five of them detached from other Staffeln) and the names of another three pilots who served with the unit.



New article: II./SG 10 in Yugoslavia, November 1944.

The Stuka on the Scrapheap: corrections to the notes on crews in Appendix 1.

Using Ultra: new graphic on page 4.



I./JG 2 in Italy: several additions (including two additional missions) drawn from a 4. Staffel pilot's Flugbuch. This information is thanks to Erik Mombeek.



Schlachtflieger: new pages added III./SG 4 in the the Battle of Normandy taking the acccount through to the unit's operations in the French interior and its arrival in Latvia.


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