2008's additions and corrections to this site are listed opposite, with the most recent at the top.



Schlachtflieger: new article expanding on the book's brief account of III./SG 4 in the the Battle of Normandy.



NSG 9 Chapter 7: information about the rescue of Fw. Karl Razinski from his crashed Ju 87.



Using Ultra: minor updates.


II./NJG 6 in Italy: a new report about a Bf 110 shot down on 2/3 June 1944, including its tactical code.


Update to the Bf 109 H in service with 5.(F)/123 with orders for a mission to cover the Allied landing beaches, shortly after D-Day.


Update to The Luftwaffe and Saint-Exupéry article, incorporating research done in the last few weeks.



Small addition to the article on the Bf 109 H in service with 5.(F)/123 reflecting debate about the type of engine it had.


Fix to the navigation of Kommando Sommer: the road to Italy, so that you can now get to the last page (Thanks to Chris Yates for pointing that one out).


Update to the Bf 109 H in service with 5.(F)/123 establishing who shot the machine down, the date and what happened to the aircraft afterward.



Addition to I./JG 2 in Italy: No. 253's role in the 52nd FG's clash with I./JG 2 on 19 March 1944.


One illustration added to the article on using Ultra intelligence.


Redesigned "complete works" page with several new illustrations.


Redesigned home page (tested with Safari and Firefox but it probably won't work properly for IE5/6 users).


Fifteen year-old error corrected in the appendices to Operation Dragoon.


New article on using Ultra intelligence material for Luftwaffe research.



New article on the Bf 109 G with III./JG 7 in January 1945.

Small correction to the article on the Bf 109 H in service with 5.(F)/123 (courtesy of Thomas H. Hitchcock).



A new article on the Bf 109 H in service with 5.(F)/123.

Various minor corrections.



Addition to I./JG 2 in Italy: a much more detailed account of the 52nd Fighter Group USAAF's combats with I./JG 2 on 19 March 1944.



Major additions to I./JG 2 in Italy: many more details of lost American aircraft and their pilots and several new pages with accounts of USAAF units' combats against I./JG 2.



Various minor corrections.


The Luftwaffe and Saint-Exupéry article: added extracts from the Missing Air Crew Report on Lightning pilot, Lt. Gene C. Meredith, who was shot down on 30 July 1944.



The Luftwaffe and Saint-Exupéry article: added some helpful comments which Lino von Gartzen has kindly sent me.



Added to Kampfflieger Volume 4 pages 348–349: codes and Werk Nummern of two crashed Fw 190 G-3 of 8./KG 51.


Added to Schlachtflieger page 85: strength returns for NSG 20 on 15 and 26 April 1945. These include the Werk Nummern of 16 Fw 190 A-8, F-8, F-9 and G-3 as well as loss or damage information for six of them.


Aufklärungsstaffel Kaatsch: additions about the subsequent posting of Kaatsch himself; the markings and disposal of Bf 109 WNr. 412169 of 5.(F)/123; and the fate of one of 5.(F)/123's pilots.



One broken link mended.


Aufklärungsstaffel Kaatsch: article expanded from four to six pages, covering the period 18 August–5 October 1944.



The Luftwaffe and Saint-Exupéry article: information from Jan Bobek and from German newspaper articles, minor corrections and additional links.


SG 4: Last Battles in Italy corrected Werk Nummer for the Fw 190 of Fw. Langheit, lost on 26 May 1944.


A new article assessing the evidence that the Luftwaffe shot down French author and pilot, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in July 1944.



Various minor corrections.


Corrections to the 1./NAG 1 and Kommando Sommer articles.



Kampfflieger Volume 4 page 351: a new article covering a week in the life of Einsatzkommando KG 51 (Kdo. Schenck) during its withdrawal from France to Holland.



Aufklärungsstaffel Kaatsch: new details added of a Bf 109 shot down on 27 August 1944.


A new article: Kommando Sommer: the road to Italy, following the unit's progress (and sometimes lack of it) from the decision to deploy Arado 234s to Northern Italy to the unit's first operation.



Added to The Stuka on the scrapheap: new information about Hptm. Robert Magath's transfer to NSG 1 and his previous unit.


A chronology of 1./NAG 1's short career operating the Me 262, including the details of a number of missions and the Werk Nummern and/or tactical codes of some of its aircraft. This and two existing articles are now grouped under a new Luftwaffe Reconnaissance section.



I./JG 2 in Italy: more details of the Gruppe's combat with the 86th Fighter Bomber Group on 13 March 1944. Also some minor additions to other parts of the article thanks to reading Andrew Thomas's American Spitfire Aces of World War 2 (Osprey, 2007).


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