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The first operation against the invasion fleet was mounted at 17.19 by just four Fw 190. Leutnant Karl-Ludwig Klepke (9./SG 4), Ofw. George, and Uffze. Plewka and Walter were over their target off Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer (JUNO Beach) 26 minutes later, claiming to have destroyed two landing craft with their four SC 500 bombs. They came through powerful AA defences without loss and the Spitfires and Typhoons they sighted did not attack.

NOTE: Among the shipping casualties recorded in the Admiralty’s War Diary for 6 June is LCM (Landing Craft Mechanised) 1229 which belonged to F Squadron, Force J (for JUNO). The crew was saved but no cause is given.

The Kapitän of 9./SG 4 led the next sortie (with Ofw. Golles, Fw. Krüger and Weiss, and Uffz. Schneider) from 21.00. Their target was vessels off Lion-sur-Mer (SWORD) which they dived on from 1500 m down to 300 m. Strong fighter and AA defences meant that they could not establish what damage if any their 5 x SC 500 might have caused. One aircraft returned badly hit.

Among the technicians carried on the transfer flight Ogefr. Erwin Ohlwein (a mechanic with 7./SG 4) died in the crash of Kolberg’s Focke-Wulf; Uffz. Martin Krüssmann (Stabs Kompanie, III./SG 4) in Pühringer’s; Ogefr. Fritz Klunker was apparently injured in Rahofer’s aircraft.

In Italy, Luftflotte 2 was instructed to place Stab, I. and II./SG 4 at immediate readiness for transfer to Lfl. 3 and to provide the units with transport aircraft for the move pending a go-ahead from OKL.

7 June 1944

A five-strong sortie at 03.59 was broken off in the face of an encounter with seven Mustangs north of Caen. Formation leader, Ltn. Esau was severely wounded and Obltn. Kellner slightly injured. Ltn. Klepke, Ltn. Apel and Uffz. Walter returned safely. That an operation was mounted where all but one of the pilots were officers suggests that the Gruppe was in a disorganised state after the previous day’s experiences. Nevertheless, they went into action again at 06.45 with 10 Fw 190, led by Weyert himself, against ships and landing activities at Riva-Bella (Ouistreham). They were over the target at 07.25, dropping 7 x SC 500 and 3 X SC 250, claiming the destruction of a landing craft and direct hits amongst vehicles. There was of course Flak (which damaged one Fw 190) but the fighters they spotted did not attack.

At 07.30 hours, Laval was shot up by 12–15 Mustangs. No one was hurt but two "protective roofs" (aircraft shelters?) were burned down and four Fw 190s put out of action including:

Fw 190 A-6



(shot up by fighters on the ground at Laval; engine and airframe damaged)

Fw 190 A-6


Black D

Obltn. Walter Dahlem

(shot up by fighters while ferrying over to Laval; pilot, born 8 July 1922, seriously injured)

[NOTE: the above was first given as 470772 but later corrected]

At 16.30, Obltn. Hesse led another Schwarm into the air but they were engaged by a reported 29 Mustangs between Bayeux and Flers, so jettisoned their bombs and turned back. All four aircraft returned safely.

The day’s losses reported in ULTRA were:

Fw 190 A-6


yellow L


(shot up during flight against the enemy)

Fw 190 A-6


Uffz. Richard Wenzel

(slightly damaged after belly landing following air combat, "for re-equipping")

NOTE: Wenzel is not listed among those taking part in the day’s missions so possibly he ferried the damaged machine back for repair.

The 9. Staffel's strength on 7 June was reported as 12 (9) aircraft and 12 (12) pilots.

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