25 June 1941

OL 669

Eight Causdron aircraft type 445 proceeding to Derna from Paris yesterday, Tuesday. They will be specially marked with white stripes painted on fuselage in same way as Heinkel 111 aircraft CB+PQ which landed Castel Benito from Catania on 19th June.

NOTE: It is possible that above Heinkel iarcraft belongs to Special Detachment Major Ritter at Derna, which had one aircraft serviceable out of two last Monday, and that the Caudron aircraft are also for his setachment. This detachment is the German intelligence unit reported to Bowlby in signal number 107 of 25th May.


12 December 1941

MK 751

As from today all German and Italian aircraft in Mediterranean area are to be provided with following distinguishing marks: bottom of engine colwings will be painted bright yellow and there will be a white semi-circle twenty inches [= 500 mm] wide on the fuselage, in the case of German aircraft behind the Greek cross [Balkenkreuz].

25–27 July 1942

MKA 350

A Hurricane with markings BP 176 left Qotaifiya [Sanyet el Qutaifiya] for Tobruk West at 0915 hours on 25th.

MKA 425

At 0915 on 25th a Hurricane “BP 176” left Qotefiya [sic] for Tobruk. Same aircraft arrived Heraklion from Tobruk at 1725 on 27th.

Description for Flak identification: underside of fuselage yellow, wing tips and spinner white, nationality markings cross.

21 August 1942

MKA 350

A Ju 86 with yellow wing tips and a white ring is to land Qasaba[Egypt] at about 1100 hours, coming from East.

17 November 1942

PK 337 Part 5 and Final

All aircraft operating South of demarcation line between occupied and Vichy France to be distinguished as follows: 50 centimetre wide white stripe around fuselage between nationality marking and tail unit, also around both wings between engine and wing tip. Under side of engine cowling yellow.

September 1942

Underwing camouflage on Ju 88 A-4 W.Nr. 2485, B3+KS of 8./KG 54. This aircraft was found at Gerbini, Sicily and was of interest on account of its FuG 214 tail-warning radar whose four antennae are shown in this photograph:


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