27 June 1944


From Admiral French South Coast, dated 27/6:

Luftflotte 3 states: the hitherto used yellow identification paint on own a/c in area of Luftflotte 3 is done away with (B% in accordance with) order of OKL. Additional identification markings to be retained exclusively for fighters, g/a a/c, heavy fighters and recce a/c. Black-white spiral on propeller-spinner. Inform subordinated units.

NOTE: Orders of Stab J 1 on 25/6 in accordance with above instructions in T227/74.

4 July 1944

A contemporary German report on the discovery of a belly-landed Bf 109 G-6 of 6./JG 53 in Normandy (source: Bundesarchiv RL 7-3/599).

13 July 1944


End of an unsigned document seen by source dated 13/7:

… black and white spiral on propellor boss, lower side of engines yellow.

3) Allied states' a/c in the area similar markings.

4) Captured a/c:

A) Used on ops: the same as German a/c.

B) Not employed on ops: outer third of the lower side of the wings yellow. Subordinate units to be informed at once.

14 July 1944


No. 55178, GENRO ((Jagddivision)) 7, (Roman) IT, on 14/7:

Ref: Communication of GEDNA ((Luftflotte Reich)) - Zentrum, No. 4610 (IA - Air) of 5/7/44.

Reference above: all fighter a/c going to the West on ops are from now on to be provided only with black and white spirals on the spinner. All other special identification markings such as yellow and red bands around fuselage will be discontinued.

NOTE: Similar measures for a/c in Luftflotte 3 area dated 27/6 in T229/128.

20 July 1944

CSDIC (CMF) Report A.420 (dated 23 August 1944: from German documents captured at Draguignan by the F.F.I.)

Information for Batteries from 242. Inf. Div.

Markings of Friendly Aircraft

With effect from 20 July 1944, the recognition markings of our own aircraft in the area of Western Europe (Germany, France, Italy) will be changed as follows:

1(a) Fighters, ground strafers, twin-engined fighters and reconnaissance aircraft — black and white spiral on spinner.

(b) All other operational aircraft, no special recognition markings.

2 Captured Aircraft

(a) If flown operationally — as under 1.

(b) If not flown operationally — the outside third of the underside of the wing painted yellow.

3 Civil aircraft of all types

The whole of the engine nacelle yellow. The belly of the fuselage and rudder also yellow.

9 August 1944


From: ABIOC ((Jagdgeschwader)) 26 Technical Officer No. 2212 - 44 of 9/8/44.

REF: GEKEM ((Jagdkorps)) 2 QM1, Technical No. 3970 - 44 of 7/8. Almost immediately a considerable number of Me 109 and Fw 190 aircraft, with camouflage paint only on the upper surfaces, will be delivered. (One line smudge). Difficulties which arise in the piloting of these unsprayed aircraft are to be reported to us at once.



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