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The caption of the photo at the bottom (supplied by the publisher) is in error: "1944" should read "1943." (Thanks to Marcel van Heijkop for pointing this out).

Page 329

On 28 December 1944, the Luftwaffe General in Hungary (Komm. Gen. der Deutschen Luftwaffe in Ungarn) queried the whereabouts of He 111 W.Nr. 6852, 2B+FD (Stammkennzeichen SD+DD) which had left Breslau-Schöngarten at 0900 GMT ten days earlier for Tulln-Wien, en route to Papá in Hungary. Its pilot had been Fw. Tondera of the General der Fliegerausbildung’s "ferrying detachment" (= Überführungskommando?).

Page 331

An account of the Luftwaffe's actions against Convoy UGS-40 from 9–11 May 1944.

Page 332

In the captions of the photos at bottom left and right, the “same aircraft” referred to is that shown on page 331.

At bottom right, Obgefr. Volpert has been cropped from the photo as printed but not from the caption.

Page 333

This profile in fact depicts an aircraft based in Sicily in January 1942. Its photograph appears in Kampfflieger Volume 2, page 162.

Page 336

The final Mediterranean convoy attacks: UGS-46 (11/12 July 1944) and UGS-48 (31 July/1 August 1944).

Page 337

On the map, “Epinay” should read “Épinoy.”

The source for the words in the text box at bottom right is the Mediterranean Allied Air Forces Air Intelligence Weekly Summary for 4 September 1944.

Page 338

An Allied assessment of the difficulties in countering Luftwaffe mining operations over the English Channel.

Page 339

Luftwaffe night bombing over Normandy in the period between the American Operation COBRA and the German Unternehmen Lüttich (27 July–8 August 1944).

The part played by II./KG 26 against the Vercors uprising on 14 July , plus anti-partisan operations by III./KG 100 on 15, 17 and 20 July 1944.

Operations on the Invasion Front in early August 1944.

Page 341

According to a prisoner, Oblt. Sattler's successor was Oblt. Löbel.

From February 1944, something more about Sattler's Ritterkreuz:

Source saw following collection of notes and carbon copies dated 22/2:-


Knights Cross and scroll for Obltn. SATTLER given by German Air Minstry to Luftflotte REICH, will be forwarded to you immediately it is received.

NOTE: According to Allied Intelligence, GREIF (Gryphon) was the callsign of LG 1; SONNE (Sun) was that of the Geschwader's IV. Gruppe.

The Luftwaffe's attack on Paris on the night of 26/27 August 1944.

Details of the IX. Fliegerkorps' declining strength and withdrawal from France and Belgium together with its operations over this period.


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