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Another assessment of Generalmajor Peltz's record is given in the US XIII Corps HQ's "G-2 estimate of enemy situation", dated 3 February 1945:

… Peltz was given command of an anti-shipping force in North Africa in 1942 on which occasion he took such heavy losses his unit had to be disbanded. In succeeding commands he persisted in competing when overmatched, therefore we may expect he will continue his gamble against superior forces and make attacks on a scale similar to the airfield attacks of 1 January.

The Allies had trouble keeping track of Peltz's career (sometimes he held two commands simultaneously) as this signal of 23 December 1944 shows:

Fliegerkorps IX addressed Peltz at Jagdkorps II. Comment: Peltz up till recently AOC [Air Officer Commanding] Fliegerkorps IX. Not known therefore whether he is interested in his old or his new capacity.

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The Army Group Centre front, 5 July 1943

As reported by Fliegerkorps VIII to the 2. Armee, seven He 111 of 14. (Eis.) KG 27 had been active overnight against the Voronezh – Kasrornoje – Kursk railway. From KG 3’s “airfield attack Kette” had dispatched three Ju 88 against “enemy night flying activity” in the Korps’ sector. Störkampstaffeln 1 and 2 had been engaged at dusk and dawn east of Belgorod with 11 He 46, 11 Ar 66 and two Fw 189. Two Ju 52 of the Fl.Kps. VIII Transport Staffel had been sent up simply to make noise, masking other German activity.

By day on the 5th, KG 3 and I./KG 100 (mustering 69 Ju 88 and 54 He 111 between them) had bombed Soviet field positions, artillery emplacements and troop concentrations on the SS-Panzer Korps front. Assigned the same task were no fewer than 150 He 111 of KG 55 and 26 of KG 27.

The Ju 87s of Stukageschwader 77 flew a remarkable 584 sorties against tanks, artillery batteries and mortar batteries in direct support of the SS Panzers. They were assisted in this by St.G 2 (487 sorties). Also active on support missions was SG 1 with 78 Hs 123 and 257 Fw 190 sorties.

(Source: ULTRA CX/MSS/2964/T19)

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On 30 August 1943 a directive was given to IX. Fliegerkorps to prepare and carry out a reprisal raid against Oxford and in particluar its colleges but in the event the city was never bombed throughout the war.

Luftwaffe bomber operations over Africa in the weeks prior to the landings in mainland Italy included a raid on Bizerta on the night of 6/7 August 1943 and one on Algiers on 27 August.

Follow the link for extracts from the of Villafranca di Verona aerodrome, describing bomber operations from there in the period 9 September–24 November 1943. The translations are mine.

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Photo caption about II./KG 100 in Kalamaki. RAF summaries of Ultra intelligence give some glimpses into this deployment:

Period 6.9.42–11.9.42 inclusive: He 111s of II./KG 100 at Athens/Kalamaki.

Period 12.9.42–19.9.42 inclusive: 25 He 111 H-6 of Sonderkommando Koch at Athens/Kalamaki, also 3 He 111 H-6 and 1 Ju 88 D-5 of Kommando Fritzel.

Period 11.10.42–20.10.42 inclusive: He 111 and Ju 88 of Kommando Koch.

Period 16.11.42–22.11.42 inclusive: Message to III./KG 100 at Athens-Skaramanga.

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Incorrect caption to the photo at the top of the page. It appears correctly captioned in Kampfflieger Volume 2, page 161.

An expanded account of the raid on Bari on 2 December 1943.


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