The German withdrawal was gathering momentum and in the early hours orders were again issued that 2. Fl.Div., KG 26, III./KG 100, 1.(F)/33, 2./NAG 13 and JG 77 were to be subordinated to Luftflotte 2 with immediate effect. This was also to apply to the guided weapon and torpedo servicing units and the Luftflotte's Operations Section ordered the corresponding operations to be discontinued. Jafü Süd and JGr. 200 were to go to 2. Jagddivision, and any remaining units to Luftflotte 3. In Central France, Geschwader Bongart was for the time being to remain at its present bases to combat Resistance insurgents. Lyon was advised during the morning that III./KG 100's ground elements were to go to Giebelstadt while those of 2./NAG 13 were marching overland to Caselle, which was to be stocked up with with drop tanks, ammunition and GM1 gear. An advance group of the Staffel's Bf 109s was reported as arriving in Caselle, where they would be joined by machines from NAG 11 but it is not clear if they in fact got there. The 1.(F)/33 was at Lyon-Bron by early afternoon; 2./128 had reached Friedrichshafen with seven Ar 196s.

From 05.5–06.44, two KG 26 aircraft had been active under control from the Lyon area according to radio monitoring but by 14.00 hours Stab, I. and II./KG 26 were in München-Riem and Memmingen, Bavaria with 36 Ju 88s, with orders to be ready for operations again by the 28th, after which they were to move to Cameri, Lonate and Gallarate.

At 16.15, two Hellcats of the US Navy's VOF-1 claimed the destruction of three Ju 52s.

Luftflotte 2's stated intentions for the night of the 21st/22nd included, not altogether surprisingly:

"...bomber units to rest and refit"


"...no, repeat no, bomber operations."

The Nineteenth Army would not seem to have been informed of all that was going on and complained at the lack of air and photo-reconnaissance support it was receiving. Fl.Div. 2 replied that 1.(F)/33 and 2./NAG 13 were down to one serviceable aircraft apiece and that the Division's units were moving into the jurisdiction of Luftflotte 2. Jafü Süd had been subordinated to II. Jagdkorps and without fighter protection reconnaissance for the Army was out of the question. A report on stocks of GM 1 fuel stated that 1.(F)/33 was now in Lyons.

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