One loss, one operation, one air raid

4 November 1944

Ghost Bombers refers to three Ju 87s lost to accidental causes on 4 November but could give the circumstances of only one. I’ve since learned an American Beaufighter crew from the 416th NFS saw a burning aircraft coming down the runway at Ghedi at 21.30 hours. They observed that it was still smouldering half an hour later and three red flares were sent up, apparently to warn other machines in the circuit of the hazard.

Thanks to: Ferdinando D’Amico for bringing the 416th NFS Operations Reports to my attention.

16 November 1944

NSG 9’s mission on the night of 16/17 November was described in a report next morning as a “long range ground attack mission” overflying the 4. FJ Div. sector on the approach to the target.

18 November 1944

In his daily report, Supreme Commander South West referred to: "massed attacks by powerful formations of heavy bombers were directed at the airfields of Vicenza, Villafranca, Aviano and Udine [which] caused widespread destruction. Our own anti-aircraft artillery shot downfour enemy aircraft."

21 November 1944

On the 21st Major Moser, an airfield commandant thought by the Allies to be “in the Vicenza area”, reported the following bomb damage:

3 Bf 109 badly damaged by splinters on the work site or in) the workshop.

1 Bf 109 total loss, buried, parking place hangar 4.

1 Fw 58, completely buried, parking place hangar 4.

2 Ju 87 splinter damage — [two or three words illegible] — hangar.

1 Ju 87, taxi-track 1, outside blast-bay, camouflaged, OK.

(B% 1) Ju 87, taxi-track 2, slight damage, in blast-bays, OK.

1 Ju 87, taxi-track 2, in blast-bay, heavy splinter-damage.

2 Fi 156 — (word illegible) — hangar, badly damaged by fall of roof.

It's still debatable which of the airfields attacked this was. The reported damage doesn't exactly match any of the other reports I have seen.


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