Five major fires, an "observed victory" and a complaint (Page 141)

1 January 1945

The daily report of Supreme Commander South West (Bundesarchiv RH 2/676) expands on the information given in the book:

During the afternoon, our Nachtschlacht aircraft attacked the partisan area north west of Novara. In the village of Trivejo [sic] very well-placed bombs started five major fires..

4 January 1945

Major Frost complained to I. FJ Korps that targets for the night of 3 January had been notified to his Gruppe too late and requested details of targets for the 4th.

In addition he asked for details of the “observed victory” on 3 January between 17.20 and 17.40 hours local time, adding that the attack had taken place in the Loiano (BO) area. The Korps replied that details of the “observed victory” could not be given but “agents have been laid on” (presumably to reconnoitre behind Allied lines).

Having the original German text might settle the matter but my suspicion is the the “victory” was more likely a “success” and refers to results of bombing.

11 January 1945

On 11 January Komm. Gen’s Superintending Engineer complained to the Chef der Technischen Luftrüstung that technical notes and directives for the Ju 87 D-3 and D-5 requested on 4 November and again on 14 December had still not arrived.

(Page 142)

20 January 1945

Supreme Commander South West:

During the evening, Nachtschlacht aircraft bombed and strafed enemy supply traffic and battery pstions on the eastern part of the front. Several large fires could be seen in Russi.

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