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On the 11th, Jafü Süd reported on the "composition of Jagdgruppe 200, set up on 6/6 — as at 11/6":


Stab and Stabskompanie, Orange-Caritat:


2 Bf 109 (with auxiliary tanks)


1. Staffel, Orange-Caritat:


14 Bf 109 — operational aircraft (10 with auxiliary tanks)

10 Bf 109 — trainers.


2. Staffel, Avignon-West:


15 Fw 190 — operational aircraft (all with auxiliary tanks)

18 Fw 190 — trainers.


3 Staffel (formerly JG 101), Orange-Caritat:


12 Bf 109 (no auxiliary tanks)

Ground personnel being transferred to Lézignan


Einsatzkommando Süd, Aix-Les Milles:


14 Bf 109 (all with auxiliary tanks and with sufficient 3 cm ammunition for one operation)

3 Bf 109 reserve (without auxiliary tanks)


Remainder of Ergänzungs Jagdgruppe Süd, Avignon-East:


30 Fw 190 (15 with auxiliary tanks)

12 Fw 190 surrendered to Märkisch Friedland on 9 June

Total Bf 109 crews ready: 41

Fw 190 crews: 20 (including all instructors)

NOTE: Gefreiter Wilhelm Ganske of Ergänzungs Jagdgruppe Süd was injured at Avignon on 10 June, in Fw 190 A-8 W.Nr. 170398, white 7.

The Jafü added that a transfer order had been received “in an illegible condition”; he asked who was transferring and where they were to go. To muddy the waters further, his IB (Quartermaster) turned in the following, rather different strength return:

JGr. 200

37 (33)


45 (34)


JGr. Süd

55 (13)


62 (13)

Fw 190




11 (6)

Bf 109

On 12 June, II. Jagdkorps issued Order No. 2050 — part of which apparently dealt with the disbandment of JGr. 200 — only to cancel it in Order No. 2051: the 15 Bf 109s in question (all with drop tanks) were now to be sent to Champfleury. This was the current home of IV./JG 27 and lay 32 km. south of Vertus. Whatever may have come of this, next day JGr. 200’s strength was reported as 44 (37) Bf 109s and 39 (34) crews. The morning of the 12th again brought patrol activity over the Rhône Estuary and there were uneventful morning and afternoon patrols on 14 June as well.

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