September 1944


1 September

As the aerodromes at Luxeuil and Malbouhans were being prepared for destruction, Oberst Bongart asked permission for the immediate but temporary transfer of his Re. 2002 and Bf 109s either to Köln-Ostheim, where they could be serviced in the workshops of I./Fliegerzielgeschwader 2, or to Goslar. For the time being, he proposed sending his Ju 88s to Deiningen, deep inside Germany.

2 September

As requested the previous day, Luftflotte 3 agreed to the Bf 109s and Reggianes going to Goslar and the Ju 88s to Deiningen. Bongart presented his compliments to Luftflotte 3 and announced his Geschwader’s departure from its sphere of command, marking the end of its career as an anti-partisan force.

3 September

Oberst Bongart was posted to be aerodrome Kommandant at Neumünster. On 10 November he was in touch with Nachtjagdstaffel Norwegen and featured in signals traffic as late as 20 April 1945 when Neumünster’s Station Command was told by its counterpart at Westerland that the Oberst would be arriving at around 17.00 hrs. the following day.

Air Movement Control at Langendiebach directed the workshops at Ansbach to send Ju 88 R6+XG off to Steiningen at once for an overhaul. This was at the behest of “Geschwader Major Hippacher”, this officer having last figured in ULTRA traffic on 1 July while serving with Geschwader Bongart.

NOTE: The "R6" may have been a German transcription error: it is not a known unit code whereas RG+XG has been identified elsewhere as a Ju 88 factory marking.

4 September

This was the disbandment date recorded for Stab Fliegerzielgeschwader 2 along with its III. and IV. Gruppen and 7.–13. Staffeln. The corresponding order went out two days later.

9 September

A signal of this date referred to a Ju 52/3m g8e, W.Nr. 500154, 40% damaged by enemy action at Lyon-Bron. Since the city of Lyon was liberated on 3 September, this aircraft may perhaps have been damaged in late August when the base was being evacuated. Two Ju 52 were found there by the Allies but details of their markings and condition were not recorded.

Post Script

It seems to have been common for disbanded Luftwaffe units to have a lengthy afterlife and as late as 18 October there was a “Winding-up Detachment [Abwicklungskommando] III./Geschwader Bongart” at Goslar. It will be remembered that this is where, six weeks earlier, the Geschwader had been told to withdraw its Bf 109s and Re. 2002. On 7 December, Hptm. Röber, Offizier z.b.V. at Goslar, mentioned that the 13. Staffel had been disbanded there; next day, a Maj. Windhagen at the same airfield noted that “the unit” was in the process of disbandment. Even this was not all for on the 15th the Fliegerzieldivision asked to be sent the punishment record of IV./Geschwader Bongart.

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