Three Fiat G.50, reported as demolished by explosive:

The Fiat G.50’s found had German markings and in one of these was found a German oxygen apparatus with the normal indicators and controls.

However there is photographic and cine film evidence that these aircraft were Re. 2002s including:

Re. 2002

W.Nr. 1136

yellow band, BN+YB, black 2 (white outline around the 2)

Clearly not “demolished”.

Re. 2002

W.Nr. 1181


One of 17 Re. 2002s ferried from Treviso to Neuburg a.d. Donau on 11 March 1944.

Re. 2002

W.Nr. 1119

yellow band, BN+XB, white 7 (yellow paint visible under wings to inner edge and interior of wheel wells. Black/white spiral on spinner. W.Nr. in white, just above tailplane. small white 7 on port landing gear cover).

Stripped, not “demolished”.




(above) Re. 2002 W.Nr. 1119 (white 7) and W.Nr. 1136 (black 2) at Lyon-Bron. (NARA via






(above) The same aircraft in frames from a cine film showing the yellow wing undersides of white 7, the two machines' code numbers and yellow fuselage bands. Note also the different styles of Balkenkreuz. (Archivio Storico Istituto Luce)

Two Re. 2002 were reported as being slightly damaged when Bron was bombed by the USAAF on 14 August 1944. Among the aircraft later found “totally destroyed” on this airfield were several of the types operated by Bongart but which cannot be definitely attributed to the unit: two Ju 88, three Fi 156 and two Ju 52.

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