October 1940

1 October

Cambrai-Süd asked for reports on U5+BS of III./KG 2, which had not returned from a raid.

3 October

Bf 109 RH+OE left Karlsruhe fro Reims but failed to arrive.

4 October

A Ju 88 of 3./KG 54 took off on an operation at 16.12 GMT but had failed to return to Évreux by the next day.

5 October

WL+EPT left Eindhoven at 10.00 GMT for Calais but failed to arrive.

8 October

The remains of He 59 W.Nr. 1843 were found burnt out on the cliffs near Fécamp.

10 October

Ju 88 9K+DM [4./KG 51] had not returned to Paris-Orly after an operation.

Seenotflugkommando 3 reported that Fw 58 DK+GL had been involved in an accident, apparently because of incorrect servicing.

12 October

At 14.30 GMT, II./KG 2 asked what had become of Do 17 Z, U5+__ (W.Nr. 2893) which had left St. Léger on a navigation flight (Eigenpeilnavigationsflug) at 6000 m in the area St. Léger – Abbeville – Rouen – Clairmont.

KuFGr. 706 (Stavanger-Sola) and 2./KuFGr. 406 (Trondheim) were informed that the search for the missing aircraft “L” of the latter Staffel, was being carried out the unit’s “D”, a Do 17 and a Ju 52 from Kirkenes, the steamer “Stamsund” from Vardř and a number of fishing smacks, but without success. The search aircraft were intending to spend the night at Kirkenes and D and F of 2./406 and a Bv 138 would continue searching on the 13th.

18 October

At 08.00 GMT, FW 58 NF+NO was reported missing on a flight [that day or previously?] from Étaples to Wiesbaden.

III./JG 2 reported that one of its Bf 109s had crashed at Brest-Nord and that Obltn. Falting was missing from a patrol over Cherbourg aerodrome.

19 October

Seenotflugkommando 3 (Bolulogne) was to send _V+HZ (W.Nr. 1518) to Nordrney for repair after its floats and »Kanzel« [nose-gunner’s position?] had been damaged by a trawler.

21 October

Ergänzungsstaffel KG 51 at Lechfeld was contacted regarding the crash of He 111 9K+TA. Two of its occupants had been killed, Ludwig Reisach (for whom 5./KG 51 was to provide a wreath) and Frau Charlotte Apfelbeck (wreath from the 9. Staffel).

22 October 1940

An accident to an aircraft of 3.(F)/123 killed an Oberfeldwebel from Würzburg and slightly injured three other other crew members..

23 October 1940

Bf 109 W.Nr. 709 force landed near Semilly, 20 km NE Chaumont, at 14.40 GMT owing to fuel shortage. It suffered minor damage which was to be repaired at the Field Aircraft Park in Reims.

25 October 1940

At 1650 GMT an alert was issued that He 111 F6+XN of 5.(F)/123 was overdue from a flight between Köln-Ostheim and Paris Le Bourget.

Hauptmann Hummel of KGr. 100 asked, on behalf of the Gruppe for personal details of Ltn. Nachtmann and two NCOs.

NOTE: Leutnant Heinz-Herbert Nachtmann of Ergänzungskette KGr. 100 died in a crash at Erbsdorf, Lüneburg at 2005 local time.

26 October 1940

An air-sea rescue He 59, W.Nr. 1984, TW+HA, was shot down by three Spitfires near Cap Blanc Nez at 1140 with two of its crew killed and one injured.

27 October 1940

Signals Ju 52, NR+AK (W.Nr. 6028) made a safe landing at Rognan, Norway after running short of fuel and required a change of its centre engine and compressed air (for its brakes?) before it could take off again.

NOTE: NR+AK was still in Norway on 17 March 1945 when it figured on a list of signals machines to be given up for other employment. This came with a caveat that it had long been inactive and must first be inspected and tested, as well as have its specialised equipment removed.

30 October 1940

An unknown sender signalled that “an aircraft of our squadron has just made a forced landing at Calais; the crew were saved but the plane was smashed”.

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