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At the moment, I'm not sure whether I'll be putting anything on the site about Einhorn and III./KG 200, although Einhorn will make an appearance in something else I'm working on at the moment (I'm offering no clues about what it is or making promises as to when it'll be finished).

Another of my long list of potential projects is to put together all I've got on these units as well as all my material on some of the Kommandos of I./KG 200 and see what it amounts to. How it turns out will determine whether I publish it here or explore getting it into print.

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If this Fw 190 on page 69 is from Sonderverband Einhorn as the publisher's caption claims, it deepens the mystery of the Staffel’s code system. I've got persuasive evidence (in the shape of contemporary German records and signals deciphered by the Allies) that the aircraft on page 71 is an Einhorn machine though.

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