May 1945

On 3 May, Luftflotte 6 recorded 1.(F)/100’s location as Hörsching in Austria. Karl Nitschke, had evacuated T9+NL, a partially-equipped Ar 234 night fighter, there from Riem on 29 April before carrying on to Praha-Ruzyne and thence to Zateč. It is not clear whether this was part of a general move by the Staffel or an individual task. Walter Carlein recounted to Adam Thompson that as 1.(F)/100’s last Staffelführer he disbanded his unit on the Czech/Bavarian border on 8 or 9 May before making his way home.


Although I believe this is a more extensive account of 1.(F)/100’s time with the Ar 234 than has been available so far, it is still patchy by virtue of the fragmentary source material. The picture that emerges is of a unit whose effectiveness was hampered by a run of bad weather and by declining rates of serviceability. The progress of the war was such that longer-range “strategic” reconnaissance soon gave way to shorter missions to establish the whereabouts of both hostile and friendly forces and to spot imminent threats to the Staffel’s own airfields.


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