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Major Rolf Leuchs (Gruppenkommandeur, II./NJG 6)


On 14 June 1944, two days after his unit left Ghedi for the last time, Leuchs was pursuing a two-engined hostile (thought probably to be a Wellington) which tried to evade in a steep dive and hit the ground near Benediktbeuren, in the Kochelsee area. Leuchs was credited with a victory, timed at 01.00 hours.

Feldwebel Helmut Bunje (4./NJG 6)


The Wellington shot down near Rome on 3 June 1944 was Bunje's second victory claim. His others during 1944 were



SW Echterdingen

6,700 m.

23.19 hrs.




4,300 m.

00.58 hrs.




3,800 m.

00.10 hrs.




2,500 m.

19.34 hrs.

Bunje claimed 12 victories in all, the rest between 14 February 1945 and the end of the war.

Hauptmann Fritz Griese (5./NJG 6)


Griese (not to be confused with his Geschwaderkommodore, Major Heinrich Griese) had served as Liaison Officer to Luftflotte 2. This assignment — and the fact that his Staffel was inactive at the time — probably meant that he did no operational flying while in Italy. At 23.08 hours on 12 September 1944, however, he was credited with shooting down a four-engined bomber at 3,800 m. over Frankfurt.

Unteroffizier Alfred Mrusek (6./NJG 6)


Mrusek had suffered minor injuries in a belly landing at Stuttgart-Echterdingen on 10 May 1944. His aircraft had suffered engine failure while on a weather reconnaissance. His Bordfunker, Uffz. Blax was seriously injured and Wd. Insp. Hörrner slightly hurt.

On 15 January 1945, Luftgau V signalled to the Central Office for Loss Reports in Berlin:

Ju 88, II./NJG 6 crashed 20.45 hrs. 14 January at Bad Orb, having taken off from Schwäbisch Hall at 18.56 hrs. January for Leuna Works operation. Pilot Alfred Mrusek, W/T Operator Gerhardt Brandt and Air Gunner Ofw. Gerhard Ramlow all missing.

This was the night of a 600-strong raid by RAF Bomber Command on the synthetic fuel plant at Leuna, about 30 km. west of Leipzig.

Oberfeldwebel Helmut Treynogga (6./NJG 6)


Treynogga and his Bordfunker, Uffz. Schwarz, had been interned in Dübendorf, Switzerland on 16 March. They had been operating against an RAF raid on Munich, lost radio contact and, on the last of their fuel, landed their Bf 110 G (WNr. 5545, 2Z+OP) on the snow covered airfield. They were repatriated towards the end of April.


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