The National Archives, Kew, London

AIR 23/6213: Middle East, The Operational Employment of ASV (Copy No. 38)

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AIR 40/2416: Interrogation of German And Italian Prisoners of War: Reports 1-152A, Vol. 21 (January–March 1944)

AIR 40/3112: CSDIC, Middle East: Reports ME/A 281–409 (June–December 1943)

DEFE 3/394: Teleprinted Translations of Decrypted German Naval Radio Messages, 9–11 March 1944

DEFE 3/724: Teleprinted Translations of Decrypted German U-boat Traffic (10 November–8 December 1943)

DEFE 3/725: Teleprinted Translations of Decrypted German U-boat Traffic (8 December 1943–9 January 1944)

HW 5/396–516: Reports of German Army and Air Force High Grade Machine Decrypts (December 1943–June 1944)

HW 13/37: GNA, Vol. XI (1 October–31December 1943)

HW 13/38: GNA Vol. XII (1 January–31 March 1944)

HW 13/39: GNA Vol. XIII (1 April–31 July 1944)

HW 13/106: Weekly reports on GAF bomber and reconnaissance activity (25 April 1943–5 April 1944)

USAF Historical Research Agency, Maxwell AFB, AL

AC-NP-8843: Headquarters Mediterranean Allied Air Forces Intelligence Section, Air Intelligence Weekly Summary No. 97

Chef NVW 4. Abt. (III): Aktenvermerk über die Dientstreise des Gruppenleiters III in den Bereich der Luftflotte 3 vom. 18.2. – 28.2.44 (dated 11 March 1944)


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Online (retrieved Feburay–April 2018)

FuG 350 Naxos

Kriegsmarine Map Grid System

Translated Monthly War Diaries, German Naval Staff Operations Division:…Sorter&page=2

U-boats, commanders and patrols

Monthly War Diaries, Befehlshaber der Unterseeboote

IJN Submarine I-29

British Admiralty War Diaries

No. 304 Squadron

Toulouse, 2 May 1944…_andOperator=true

Mailly-le-Camp, 4 May 1944

Monthly War Diaries, Seekriegsleitung:


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