9 August 1944


Torn copy of indent from Workshop Abt. Parchim to GELIP ((Luftgau)) XI, QM/Luftgau Engineer, dated 9/8:

Request allocation of 50 kg turpentine £ Verdünnung £ 7200.00, 50 kg cleaning fluid, (blot) items of (smudge) paint 44, to be used for the re-equipping on Fw 190 in accordance with GAKIA ((AO for fighters)).

NOTE: JG 10 with Fw 190s at Parchim on 4/8 see MSS/T268/41 and notes.

9 September 1944


From Gruppe West Ferrying Geschwader 1 (Roman) II B ((No.)) 151 on 9/9 to Second (West) Ferrying Geschwader Mannheim/Sandhofen and Third (West) Ferrying Geschwader 1 Wiesbaden/Erbenheim:

Subject: recognition marking of a/c in accordance with order No. 1249 of GABOF ((OKL)) Ops. Staff IA Flak (Robinson) dated 3/9.

The above is cancelled and the recognition marking of a/c will be as follows:

1) In areas of Luftflotten 1 and 4, of MS (+) Command Southeast and GEHUZ ((GAF General in Hungary)):

A) Fighters, Heavy fighters and recce a/c: a dead white spiral on the propellor boss.

B) Bombers and communications a/c as in A). Underside of engines yellow.

2) In areas of GAMOT, GAMOZ and GAMWU ((Luftflotten 2, 3 and 5)):

A) Fighters, g/a a/c, heavy fighters and recce a/c as A)

B) All other a/c no special markings.

3) In area of GADNA ((Luftflotte Reich)) (Excluding Hungary)

A) Fighters, g/a a/c, heavy fighters as A)

B) training a/c, communications a/c etc: underside of engine yellow, a/c operating against the enemy will also have 2 yellow rings 50 cm. broad round the middle of the fuselage.

4) A/c of Allied states will receive the recognition markings of the relevant Luftflotte.

5) Captured a/c in all Luftflotten:

A) Operating in the fighting, same as German a/c of the relevant Luftflotte.

B) Not operating in the fighting, outermost third of the underside of the wing yellow. Sea rescue a/c are to be marked as a/c operating in the fighting.

6) A/c operating exclusively by night as bombers or for target representation will receive no special marking.

7) A/c of civil air lines, irrespective of type, whole engine cowling yellow, whole underside including elevators yellow, rudder yellow.

8) No alteration of the recognition marking in the case of transfer and stay under para 4) for the period spent in other Luftflotten.

9) This order comes into force on 20/9.

10) Further to para. 7) it is ordered that air liners, including foreign, are excepted from this ruling.

19 October 1944


Source saw note dated 19/10 from KADOP (((Roman) III./KG)) 3. Technical Officer Varrelbusch requesting urgently 50 kilograms of thinning for use in re-camouflaging 40 operational a/c.

NOTE: Strength (Roman) III./KG 3 on 18/10 in T342/78 showed total strength of 21 a/c. Compare request of 28/9 in T324/61 for allocation of 35 FuG 216.

25 October 1944


Source saw document dated 25/10 from Erprobungsstelle Travemünde containing directions for KG 76 on lacquering Ar 234.

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