Vicenza, 1945 (Page 170)

In 1945 the US War Department's Bureau of Public Relations released Film No. 1352, Bomb Damage in Italy, 1945 which is described as showing:

… aerial and panoramic views of smashed aircraft, hangars, and factories in Reggio; wrecked barracks and a water tower near Milan; partially demolished German aircraft near Vicenza; and shattered vehicles and aircraft in Udine.

The film lasts just 3 minutes and 5 seconds and is of notably poor quality. Even so it is possible to make out two NSG 9 aircraft among the ruins of Vicenza aerodrome:

Ju 87 D-5, W.Nr.132230, E8+AL (Ltn. Peter Stollwerck and Uffz. Franz Fischer, 3./NSG 9))

Fw 190 F-9, W.Nr. 440323, E8+MH (pilot unknown, 1./NSG 9)


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