Appendix One: Markings and Camouflage of NSG 9 (Page 196)

Fw 190 F-8/R1, E8+EH of 1./NSG 9 was found at Vicenza aerodrome after the Luftwaffe had retreated. A photograph of this aircraft appears on the website of the US 202nd Military Police Company and was apparently taken by Father William Patterson.

The machine is by a wooden building belonging to the Vicenza Pilot School (an affiliate of RUNA, the Royal National Aeronautical Union, according to the painted sign) and appears to be in a different part of the field from the Ju 87 and Fw 190 whose photographs appear in "Ghost Bombers" (page 170).

In 2009 a new book appeared in Japan, "LO+ST" by Hideki Noro, which included no fewer than three new photos of E8+EH, showing its Werk Nummer to be 584562. The aircraft had four underwing bomb racks and a black/white spiral on its spinner. For good measure, the book also has a new shot of Fw 190 F-9 E8+MH, WNr. 440323 at Vicenza.

Thanks to: Ferdinando D'Amico for letting me know about the first of these photos.


Appendix Three: Aircraft lost or damaged (Page 199)

Further research has confirmed the identity of the aircraft damaged in an accident at Villafranca on 25 December 1944:

25.12.44, 23.55 hrs.


Deutsch &


Ju 87 D-5

3-1193, E8+KL

The following loss is mentioned in the text (Page 153) but was inadvertently omitted from Appendix 3.




Fw 190 F-8


Thanks to: Norbert Schuchbauer for pointing out this error.


Additional research has provided details of the Fw 190 reported in the text as having crashed at Villafranca on 27 February 1945. In fact it was 5% damaged by a technical fault during a night-fighting sortie. Its pilot was unhurt.




Fw 190 F-8

584561, E8+DH

Note: this was not the same E8+DH that was found at Villafranca after the Allies arrived, its Werk Nummer is different.


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