2 Bf 109s (Stab) scramble (Povoletto). No contact.

Planning for fighter operations in F.S. [Fernschreiben = telegram] Luftflottenkommando 2 2001/44. Stab and I./JG 53 to Bologna; II./JG 77 in exchange with I./JG 4 out of the southern zone for re-equipment in Bergamo; Stab JG 77 and I./JG 77 after transfer of I./JG 4 to the FERRARA area. Fighter Control Room East stays under the orders of Ia JG 53. I./Ital. Jagdgruppe to Reggio Emilia.




The subordination of I./JG 77 to JG 53 ends today. All directly subordinated to the Jafü for operations.





4 Bf 109 (Stab) scramble.


Many aircraft reported in BK heading north. Cockpit readiness.


In [map square] UJ centre. Order to scramble given.


Before contact with the enemy formation, the Stabsschwarm was over Ljubljana at 2000 m. Attacked from above by Thunderbolts. It was therefore necessary to veer away to the west. As an attack on the reported formation was no longer possible from this position [we] returned to base.

I./JG 77: 3 Liberators shot down by Oblt. Baumann, Oblt. Hoenig, Hptm. Köhler.

2 Liberators driven out of formation by Fw. Hugler and Ofhr. Kühdorf.

1 Bf 109 emergency landing, pilot unhurt. 2 Bf 109 incur bullet damage from strafing during a stopover in Zagreb.

Between 23 April and 19 May 1944, Hptm. Klug substituted for Hptm. Schäfer, Ia of JG 53, as Fighter Operations Director at Fighter Control Centre East.




No operations.

The Italian Jadgruppe transfers from Udine to Reggio Emilia.

Hptm. Gutowski takes a Storch to Ferrara and Poggio Renatico to look for billets.





5 Bf 109 of Stab JG 77 scramble. Two hostile formations reported, however they turn southward prematurely. No contact or loss.

Parts of the Signals Company with Telegraph, Telephone and Radio Sections and part of the Function Section [whatever that might be] start off overland to new quarters in Poggio Renatico.




The Kommodore and Fw. Wolters fly to Ferrara, returning to Povoletto in the evening.





5 Bf 109 of Stab JG77 scramble. Take-off order from Jafü. Gruppe and Stab directed to the BOLOGNA area. The order to land ensued since the hostiles came no further north.




Some of the Stab technicians, with part of their equipment [I think] fly to the Geschwader airfield at Poggio in the Savoia.




The rest of the Signals Company, technicians and clerks set off to Poggio overland. The Supplies Detachment follows on 3 May.


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