Valence-La Trésorerie

According to the MAAF Field Intelligence Unit:

It is understood that the maximum number of a/c on the L/G at any time was about 100 and 26 are known to have been destroyed prior to evacuation. The destruction of all vital parts has limited the retrievable information to a list of a/c types, engines and such equipment as can be identified from a heap of ashes and molten metal … In some cases it is barely possible to identify the a/c type. In a few cases where a section of the airframe remains, very little information is obtainable owing to the removal by souvenir hunters of nameplates and internal equipment.

Re. 2001

W.Nr. 1222

(Listed as an Re. 2001 but undoubtedly an Re. 2002). Werk Nummer from triangular plate; engine nameplate illegible. "Swastika painted on fuselage and wings. All nameplates changed to German; camouflage — olive green and duck-egg blue mottled. Spinner black with white spiral overpainted. Cockpit badly burnt out by ignition of fuel tank. Aircraft shot up from front."

Marc-André Haldimann has found images of this aircraft at http://www.criticalpast.com/video/65675059823_damaged-bridge_German-prisoners_decorated-with-flags_American-soldiers_German-aircraft

Re. 2002


"Engine — Piaggio P XIX RC 45 Nr. 51352. Mountings for two guns over engine. camouflage olive green and duck egg blue, yellow under wings and rudder. All badly burnt."

Re. 2002

W.Nr. 1252

Werk Nummer on fin. "Engine, Piaggio Nr. 46407. Camouflage as [on a/c] above. Markings: DV+BE all black letters. Yellow band round fuselage immediately forward of fin. complete [sic] burnt out."

Another of the 17 Re. 2002s ferried from Treviso to Neuburg a.d. Donau on 11 March 1944.




(above) Valence, September 1944. This Re. 2002 seems to be W.Nr. 1222: "spinner black with white spiral overpainted, cockpit badly burnt out by ignition of fuel tank." (NARA via Fold3.com)


Re. 2002

W.Nr. 1230

yellow band + black 8

14-cyl Piaggio engine. Looted.

He 46 D



had been used as gunnery training aircraft (Fl.ZG 2?)


Re. 2002

W.Nr. 1256

yellow band, DV+BI, red 5

white outline to “5”, evidence of yellow rudder on wartime photos


Bf 110 C-2

W.Nr. 3116


camouflage dark green, spinners black with white spiral; 4 x MG 17 and 2 x MG FF; external bulletproof windscreen. Manufactured 02.02.40, no later modifications. Two DB 601 A-1 (port W.Nr. 11461). Found in revetment, stripped of equipment by Germans and later looted.

Mentioned in signal of 07.07.44 as awaiting bomb racks. 12./Fl.ZG 2(?)

Other aircraft at Clermont-Ferrand were of types in Geschwader Bongart’s inventory — Fw 58, W.34, Ju 88, Bf 108 and two burned out biplanes, possibly Go 145 — but there is no way to establish the unit(s) they belonged to.

Cravant-Bazarnes Special Repair Works

Fw 190 A-8

W.Nr. 170407


received from 8./Fl.ZG 2 on 10.07.44

Mentioned in signals traffic

Bf 109 G-5/U2

W.Nr. 110359


from JG 1 to Bongart, Clastres, 15.07.44

Bf 109 G-12

W.Nr. 360390


IV./Fl.ZG 2 sought information, 13.07.44

Bf 110

W.Nr. 3038


Châteauroux, 13.07.44

Do 17 Z

W.Nr. 4065


IV./Fl.ZG 2, 10% damaged on 10.07.44

Fw 58

W.Nr. 961


destroyed, Angers, 05.07.44

He 46 E

W.Nr. 1214


Abwicklungskdo. [Winding-up Detachment] III./Fl.ZG 2, Goslar, 18.10.44

He 46 E

W.Nr. ___3


7./Fl.ZG 2, 01.07.44

He 111

W.Nr. 5113


IV./Fl.ZG 2, under repair at Heinkel works, Blagnac, 24.06.44

He 111 E

W.Nr. 1349


Couvron, 01.07.44

Ju W. 34 Hi

W.Nr. 387


10./ Fl.ZG 2, Wesendorf, 06.09.44

Ju W. 34 Hi

W.Nr. 2822


Biarritz, 01.07.44

Ju W.34



Biarritz, 25.06.44

Ju 52/3m g8e

W.Nr. 500154


40% damaged by enemy at Lyon/Bron, reported 09.09.44

Ju 88

W.Nr. 2383


IV./Fl.ZG 2, 06.07.44

Ju 88

W.Nr. 6216


Ju 88

W.Nr. 8207


Ju 88 A-4

W.Nr. 3808


IV. Gruppe, to factory, 24.06.44

Ju 88 C-6

W.Nr. 705686


(attached 2./ZG 1 machine?)

Ju 88




Re. 2002

W.Nr. 1260


8./Fl.ZG 2, written off in crash at Toul, 18.05.44




leaving Villaroche, 28.06.44

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