December 1940

8 December

On 9 December Obltn. Garms of KGr. 100 asked Obltn. Langer for a report of the percentage damage to He 111 H-3, W.Nr. 6855, and for the names of the crew and the time of the crash. Langer replied on the 10th to KGr. 100 that the damage was 15%; the crew comprised Ltn. Walter Geiger as pilot (born 30/11/18) and NCO Paul Nagel, as W/T Operator (born 30/1/18); and that the accident happened at 1400 hours on 8 December.

On 9 December 4.(F)/14 asked Ltn. Liebler, of the same unit for details of the Me 110 marked 5F+DM; what duties it had been assigned; where it had flown from, last W/T communications (place and time), where missed. He was also instructed to send on immediately the spare parts for aircraft R, Q and D. Leutnant Lugschneider informed 4.(F)/14 that 5F+DM had set out at 11.30 hours on the 8th and had gone missing, apparently in grid squares 212–214, during a photographic reconnaissance.

[British Intelligence comment] 5F+DM had been detailed to photograph bombing results at “POST”. In view of the grid position mentioned, it seems likely that “POST” is a code-name for Portsmouth.

10 December

On 10 December Lfl.Kdo. 4 reported that according to the Services Information Bureau [i.e. Wehrmachtauskunftstelle] Obltn. Helbert Fermer of III./JG 52 had been killed and I./JG 28 was to be advised accordingly.

12 December

4.(F)/121 at Caen informed 4.(F)/121 that the crew of a/c 7A+DM was: Ltn. Schneeweiss, Fw. Scharrschmidt, Gefr. Walter and War Correspondent Ltn. Wild; the crew of 7A+FM was: Obltn. Wegener, Fw. Engels, Uffz. Hedfeld and Gefr. Grobleben. Aircraft “F” had made a belly landing after being shot up and a new machine was urgently required, tomorrow morning if possible. The crew that delivered it could then fly back with a/c “D” which had also been slightly damaged by AA fire.

3.(F)/122 at Schiphol sent following report to Fliegerkorps IX … 1 a/c missing (A/c Security Centre North was last in touch with it at 3.45) …

13 December

3.(F)/122 (Schiphol) reported to Fliegerkorps X … Ju 88 W.Nr. 485, previously reported missing, had crash-landed at Vlissingen, after 7 hours in the air.

15 December

On the 16th, the Luftwaffe Mission in Rumania wished to know from Aerodrome Kecskemet whether a Ju 52 transport marked NI+NH had made an intermediate landing there. If so, when and for where had the a/c left? Hptm. Arigo(?) of Luftwaffe Station Kecskemet, reported that a Ju 52 had not landed on 15 December. Later he asked Luftwaffe Mission in Rumania whether a Ju 52 NI+NH had been found. If not, a further search would be made in Hungary.

16 December

Blind Flying School 6, Radom, reported to the Engineer of LG 2 at Posen that two Ju 52 had collided when taxying at Breslau-Candau. One had damaged its left wing and one its right wing. In order to have one of the two aircraft ready again at once by changing the wing, permission was asked to transfer the work on special account to the Junkers Works I at Candau. (A).

NOTE: "Breslau-Candau" is in fact Breslau-Gandau, now Gądów; the land has been redeveloped and is no longer used for flying. (With thanks to Franek Grabowski)

18 December

Referring to a conversation between Engineer Hafner and Air Equipment Group 17 and Engineer Pfeiler of GAF Mission Rumania, the Quartermaster of the Mission informed Air Equipment Group [i.e. Luftzeuggruppe] 17 that Ju 52 NI+NH, at present in Arad, had W.Nr. 2894.


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