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11 September

4./Lehr Nachr. Rgt. 12 reported the collision of two Ju 87 at 07.30 in grid square 10671. Both machines crashed, one man was killed, one was slightly wounded and two were unhurt. Uffz. Brunner, Truppenführer of Trupp 7, provided for immediate medical attention.

NOTE: Possibly S2+KP, W.Nr. 5162 and S2+JK, W.Nr. 5521 of St.G 77.

12 September

3./KGr. 100 was advsed that 6N+HL had only just been found but that its crew was missing.

14 September

III./JG 2’s Fw 58 »Weihe« crashed, apparently attempting to land with a jammed rudder, killing Ltn. Schäfer as well as its pilot and observer.

NOTE: SE+VK, W.Nr. 2984, crashed at Le Havre.

A signals company, 6./Luftgau Nachrichten-Regiment 12, was put out of action from 21.18 GMT to 10.47 next morning by the crash of a Do 17 which also slightly damaged a wireless truck.

16 September

2.(F)/14 reported that Bf 110 5F+CM had “torn off its air-speed indicator.”

NOTE: Presumably its pitot tube. Bf 110 C-5, W.Nr. 2187, 5F+CM landed intact in England on 25 September.

18 September

Ju 52, RN+DK left Frankfurt-am-Main for Staaken at 08.10 GMT. It was believed to have carried SS-Obersturmführer Garm and to have been lost. Enquiries over its whereabouts were being made on the 27th.

Do 24 TS+HR thought (by British Intelligence) to have disappeared while on a flight from Hammerfest to Kirkenes.

NOTE: Probably Do 24 V-1, W.Nr. 760, TJ+HR which made an emergency landing at Vardö on this date.

19 September

Flughafenbereich Narvik reported to Luftgau Kdo. Norway and Transportstaffel (See) at Hommelvik that on 19/9 a Do 24, after successfully making a forced landing in Sylte Fjord, had been thrown against the rocks by a heavy squall and badly damaged with no injury to personnel. Salvage was to be carried out from Banak.

20 September

At 08.15 GMT Bezirkstelle Dieppe reported an He 111 of KG 1 overdue from an operation to London and asked that a sea rescue aircraft should set out from Dieppe on a course of 01 degrees to look for it.

21 September

Oberleutnant Haaf of 3.(F)/123 force landed in Guernsey while flying a 2. Staffel aircraft to Buc.

24 September

An Me 110 of III./ZG 76 at Laval, was reported to be 50% damaged and was being returned to Bachmann von Blumenthal & Co., of Fürth, for repair.

27 September

At 00.30 on the 28th, Couvron’s Air Movement Control asked what had become of one or more machines which had started on operations against England at 12.30 on the 27th. The same source also mentioned Ju 88s 3Z+HH, 3Z+JN, 3Z+GN and 3Z+DC, which may have been the missing aircraft. [KG 77]

All Air Movement Controls were told by Reims on the 30th that a Ju 87, 6G+OR, had left Reims for Brussels on 27 September but fail to arrive. [St.G. 1]

28 September

Oberleutnant Wenzel asked for tanks and horizontal rudders, belonging to 4U+FH and 4U+EH and damaged by gunfire, to be sent back to his station in a/c [Ju 52] 4U+NH. [1.(F)/123]

29 September

2.(F)/123, Jersey, asked all Air Movement Controls for information on the whereabouts of Ju 88, 4U+DK, pilot Ltn. Rolfes, which had started for England at 12.45 and was last heard of when about to land in Bordeaux at 17.20 hours.

30 September

I. Fliegerkorps asked all Air Movement Controls to send in any news about two overdue He 111’s, 1H+EH and 1H+LN. [KG 26]

A Ju 88 of 1./KG 54, B3+BH, started on a raid at 18.55 GMT had not returned by the following day.

Bf 110 SB+CP, flown by Obltn. Zobel, left Soesterberg for Abbeville-Drucat but was still missing on 4 October.

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