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16 August

At 05.15 an He 111 force landed “in the area of Trupp 4 of 7-12” with its crew unhurt.

Aircraft +DA force landed at Strasbourg-Entzheim as a result of engine failure and was burnt out. Those on board were Hptm. Behrke, Obltn. Pfeifer, and two NCO’s, all unhurt.

At 18.30, Luftgaukdo. West Frankreich told Flughafenbereich Cherbourg that there was a Heinkel near Saint Vaast--La Hogue that needed to be salvaged.

Luftflotte 3 ordered ZG 76 to report when, where and in what circumstances Hptm. Dickoré was missing; also the markings and W.Nr. of his aircraft. This information was required by Reichsmarschall Göring. [Dickoré had been lost in action over the Channel on 15 August].

Flugleitung Le Havre reported to Fl.H. Bereich Chartres that G1+JR of III./KG 55, 7. Staffel was 40–50% damaged. Its starboard engine had right motor fallen out and three men were injured, two seriously.

II./KG 54 was advised that B3+DP had crashed and burnt out with the deaths of its crew.

17 August

Ju 87 T6+GN [of 5./SG 2] left Angers for Giessen but had not arrived by 05.00 hours on 19 August.

18 August

A Bf 109 E-1 of II./JG 2 crashed 15 km north of Cherbourg as a result of engine failure. Its pilot was injured.

19 August

At 14.00, Obltn. Böckmann reported to KG 54 on the forced landing of Ju 88 PK+DI. The aircraft had been handed over to Strasbourg-Entzheim.

20 August

At 06.30, Fliegerkorps IV informed JG 53 that He 111 1G+MT [9./KG 27] had come down in the sea, 60–70 km north of Guernsey.

Leutnant Kögler in Würzburg was asked who was responsible for damage to Ju 52 4U+NH [1.(F)/123. Since this aircraft was expected in Würzburg from Bernburg on the 23rd, it had evidently been repaired].

23 August

Contesting the proposed transfer of Hptm. Kohl to Jafü 3, II./JG 2 noted that there had been heavy losses in officers in recent days, making him particularly indispensable, the more so as the few available flying officers were needed to train new drafts of pilots.

24 August

Elements of Luftnachrichten Regiment 12 sent the following reports:

II./12 to Fliegerkorps VIII at 14.55: a Ju 88 crashed in the sea, crew bailed out;

Trupp 12 of 4./Lehr to Seenotdienst Cherbourg at 15.45: a Bf 109 crashed in the sea, one man bailed out; and

Trupp 13 of 4./Lehr to Seenotdienst Cherbourg: an aircraft, probably a Bf 110, crashed in the sea, two men bailed out.

25 August

Losses and successes reported by V.(Z)/LG 1 to ZG 76:

Obltn. Joachim Glienke, pilot, 13. Staffel (missing)

Paul Stuck, Bordfunker, 13 .Staffel (missing)

Horst Haarmann pilot, 15. Staffel (missing)

Herbert Kroscieg, Bordfunker, 15. Staffel (slightly wounded in ear).

Successes: Hptm. Horst Lindensberger shot down a Spitfire; Obltn. Ernst Zobel shot down a Hurricane; and Fw. Fritz Godlof shot down a Spitfire.

26–27 August

“Source heard bitter complaints being uttered by a high officer of Fliegerkorps 5 on account of the great carelessness shown by the aerodrome command at Rennes (apparently in the night of 26–27/8) in regard to “the most primitive safety rules.” As a result of their neglect to lay out landing crosses or anything else, two He 111 had landed in opposite directions simultaneously, and had only avoided collision by a very narrow margin. Göring has ordered that such carelessness shall be dealt with in future by court-martial.”

27 August

Hauptmann Hoffmann, Staffelkapitän of 1./LG 1, reported to Hptm. Kern of I./LG 1 that a Fw. Sachs in He 111 L1+BL had “capsized” at the edge of the landing-ground and requested that he be removed from the Staffel.

28 August

“LOEWE” reported that the aircraft BK had struck a 250 metre-high radio mast and was a total loss; repair was impossible and the crew badly injured. Also, a Ju 88 which had made a forced landing had now taken off again.

30 August

Airmen of II./ZG 2 missing from operations over London: Hauptmann Schuldt, Uffz. Weingärtner and Uffz. DRYOFZ(?) [Dyroff].

At 19.00, enquiries were made about 4./KG 77’s 3Z+AN and 3Z+EN [Ju 88s which collided at Horningsrinde, E of Strasbourg, on the 29th].

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