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24 July

At 00.30 [Norwegian time], two Bf 110 of I./ZG 76 set out from Norway to search for a Do 18 which had made a forced landing in Square 06 East 0074. They returned at 03.15 on account of petrol shortage, having seen nothing but another Do 18 that was also searching, and a German submarine.

Two more Bf 110 of I./ZG 76 left at 03.20 and returned at 06.00 without contact with enemy. Two Bf 110 D left at 05.15 to give fighter protection to the Do 18 force-landed in Square 06 East 0074, but were ordered at 05.55 to change their task as Motor Torpedo Boats had been reported in Square 05 East 19. I./ZG 76 sent two more Bf 110 D at 06.25 to look for these boats.

A Ju 87 from Luftpark Jüterbog had made a forced landing between Écury and Damvillers.

He 111 P, 1G+CM of 4./KG 27 crashed at 09.45 near Münster; Ltn. Stade was killed and two of the crew were seriously injured.

Oberleutnant Rothenberg reported on the following losses from JG 26: Hptm. Noack crashed on landing after contact with the enemy and was burnt out. “Ltn. Bartels and Schauff, Hptm. IXEOUWALD [sic], one Staffelkapitän, and one Obltn. of the Group have probably been shot down.” An aircraft had been shot down by Major Gallant [sic] and another by Obltn. Beier.

25 July

“Dept. L in 16” of Ob.d.L. asked the Seenotdienststelle of Luftflotte 2 (a) for details of the loss of aircraft D-AKAR and the fate of its crew; and (b) had D-ADYY not gone with D-ADAI from Amsterdam to Cherbourg on 21 July? “L in 16” was to be informed of all casualties and alterations in the state of readiness of the Seenot aircraft, but those out of action need not be reported unless for more than 24 hours. As replacement for D-AKAR, D-ATVT would leave Norderney for Cherbourg that day, making an intermediate landing in Amsterdam. (A)

NOTE: D-AKAR was shot down by No. 43 Sqn. Hurricanes on 20 July.

On 26 July the Flugsicherungsstelle [Flight Safety Establishment] of Fliegerkorps II asked Seenotzentrale Boulogne for news of “the two machines of II Stuka 3, group 1” which had crashed on the 25th.

26 July

Luftgaukommando Westfrankreich asked Seenotzentrale Boulogne why a Do 18 had made a forced landing at Caen and for details of those wounded.

28 July

Brest-Süd asked whether a Do 17 Z with markings 7T+EH [1./KGr. 606] had made a forced landing at Valenciennes or Villereau.

29 July

Flughafenbereich Laon reported to the Unfalluntersuchungsstelle (Accident Investigation Department) of Luftflotte 3 that He 111, W.Nr. 112665 [as given] had been handed over for salvage to Leichte Ko. 8. [Werk Nummer as reported]

30 July

Metz informed Nürnberg that NS+NG had not arrived and asked for information. Nürnberg replied that it had left at 11.14 and had probably made an intermediate landing owing to bad weather.

The Chief of the RLM Air Safety Service communicated with KG 2 HQ at St. Léger about the fatal crash of Senior Test Pilot (Oberprüfer) Mazunat(?) at Bayreuth in a Do 17 on the 30th. As there was "the gravest suspicion that the victim had transgressed against the discipline and good order of the Air Force (fliegerische Zucht und Ordnung)", KG 2 was asked to report at once if he had been properly instructed about the regulations concerned. Bletchley Park deciphered a further message from the Chief of Air Safety to II./KG 2 “in connection with the above enormity”, stating that Mazunat(?) was to be denied military honours at his funeral.

Fliegerkorps IV told KG 27 that an He 111, 1G+AN, was missing. It had left Dinard at 22.45 on 30 July and an SOS from an aircraft at 23.50 was presumed to be from this Heinkel, which should have been south of Cardiff at that time. The Seenotstaffel had been informed.

31 July

Ergänzungsgruppe Greifswald reported to KG 54 at Évreux, that a Do 17 being flown by Hptm. Brisch to Évreux, had crashed at Ludwigslust.

Ju 52 1Z+CV was under repair in workshop at Stuttgart-Böblingen. [KG z.b.V. 1]

Luftzeuggruppe 2 at Posen was informed by the Prüfgruppe of LG 2 at Deblin-Irena that He 51, W.Nr. 73, which had been damaged, had been sent to Luftzeugamt Küpper.

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