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12 July

Ju 87 S2+LK [2./St.G 77] left Eindhoven for Amiens but made a forced landing at Vanderville [sic: Vendeville intended?].

13 July

The 4.(F)/121 at Villacoublay was advised that Do 17 7A+AM had made a forced landing at Berck-sur-Mer.

At 10.00 it was reported that at Bf 109 E and pilot of II./JG 51 were missing. At the same time, three Spitfires were said to have been shot down near Dover.

At 16.00, II./KG 55 reported that one of its He 111 P-2 was undergoing major repair as a result of enemy action.

I./KG 54 informed Luftzeuggruppe West Frankreich that Ju 88 B3+CL crashed with 25% damage at Annette near Paris, when making a forced landing due to bad weather..

14 July

Flughafenbereich St. Omer reported that III./JG 3 was attacked by British fighters near Wissant with no losses in personnel. Over the Channel LG 1 lost two Ju 87 B: L1+KV (Unteroffizier Huber) and L1+CV (Obltn. Sonnenberg).

An He 111 of 3.(F)/121 crashed near Paimpol. On the 21st it was reported that the military were no longer guarding it, and that the salvage authorities should be informed at once.

15 July

An He 111 of I./KG 26 left at 06.07 (Norwegian time) for a harassing raid on Scotland, especially aerodromes, but abandoned the raid owing to bad weather. Another He 111 of I./KG 26 left at 08.06 (Norwegian time) on same mission and was reported overdue at 15.30.

At 16.30, LG 1 asked all airfields in France to report immediately if Ju 88 L1+CM landed.

Ju 87 W.Nr. 402 force-landed at Metz, having taken off for Saarbrücken.

JG 2 reported that the Bf 109 night-flying planes (?) allotted for delivery from Eschwege were again, as on all previous occasions, found, without exception, to be unfit for service. Motors were badly worn (»Abgelaufen«) along with numerous other defects. Two forced-landings were necessary during delivery due to of technical failings and the pilots assigned to the deliveries had lost on average six days’ front-line service. To date the following had been delivered: for Stab JG 2, Bf 109 E-3 W.Nr. 847; for II./JG 2, E-1 W.Nr. 3480, and E-3 W.Nr. 1313 and 1968. "JG 2 asked the JC (sic) Korps in Eschwege to remedy this state of affairs which had gone on long enough."

On either 15 or 16 July, 1Z+GZ (apparently stationed at Lisieux) was damaged by bombs dropped on the aerodrome there and was unserviceable. [IV./KG z.b.V. 1]

16 July

I./LG 1reported losses of: 6 dead, 5 wounded, 2 in captivity in England, 22 missing. [Not stated what period this covered]

A Do 18, K6+C[K] was seen drifting in Square 05E 1989. Its position was reported by W/T and two rubber boats were dropped; three men were seen. This aircraft had featured in two previous messages: on 13 July it had apparently been delayed en route from Hörnum to Sola and next day the former told the latter that K6+CK had left at 08.00.

17 July

Early in the day, Stabsstaffel LG 1 at Hannover-Langenhagen (Staffelführer, Obltn. Richers) reported a strength of two He 111 and one Ju 88; one Ju 88 was missing.

LG 1 had reported that one aircraft (from Bricy?) had not returned from an operational flight; another had made a forced landing at Caen; and a third could not be made ready for action with the means at their disposal.

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