Sources and acknowledgements

The National Archives, Kew, London

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AVIA7/132: Air Ministry Research Establishment, Worth Matravers, Swanage, Dorset: Programme of Research Work “Headache” (Part II)

HW1/1: Letter to C requesting daily service of messages for Prime Minister PM (27 September 1940)

HW1/3794: Correspondence with C concerning officers in various ministries who were aware of or had access to Special Material” (15 October–7 November 1940)

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HW5/6: ditto Oct 26 1940–Dec 2 1940

HW5/7: ditto Dec 3 1940–Jan 1 1941

HW5/719: "BROWN" reports — translations for Dr R V Jones (ADI Science) of traffic of LN Versuchsregiment, Koethen, relating to the setting up and operation of navigational beams (Knickebein) to guide Luftwaffe bombing raids (1940 Sept 5–1941 Mar 25)

HW14/8: Government Code and Cypher School Policy Papers (November 1940)

HW14/9: Government Code and Cypher School: Policy Papers (December 1940)

Imperial War Museum, London and Bundesarchiv-Militärarchiv, Freiburg-im-Breisgau

General Quartiermeister 6. Abt. aircraft loss reports, November 1940

Web sources British Admiralty War Diaries

Published sources

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Further reading

The Bletchley Park National Code Centre page on the events at the Park in November 1940.


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